Is Birth Control Against the Will of God? (Part 1)
----The Spiritual Truths about Pregnancies and Abortions----

As of January 17, the birth control law will be put into effect in the Philippines. Filipino legislators passed a bill last December that provides government funding for contraceptives and sex education in schools, despite strong opposition from the Roman Catholic Church.

This legislation will help the country’s poorest women gain access to birth control pills and other forms of contraceptives that have usually been kept out of the community health centers and clinics by the local governments and the officials of the Catholic Churches.

Due to high birth rates in this poor nation, in which 80 percent of the population is Catholic, the Aquino administration repeatedly stated that the bill is meant to address poverty, women’s rights, maternal mortality, and the overpopulation issue rather than birth control.

Opponents of this bill, like the powerful members of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference, say that contraception is akin to abortion. However, to know why contraception is allowed, but abortion is prohibited, we must understand the spiritual side of the mechanisms of pregnancy and the results caused by abortions.

To get a clue regarding the extent that we, as human beings, are allowed to take measures in relation to contraception in order to wage war against poverty, we’d like to introduce Master Ryuho Okawa’s teachings on the mechanisms of pregnancies and abortions.

The following is a Q and A session that should provide some basic answers on this subject. However, we have to note that the following is only a small part of Master Okawa’s lectures on the subject and just a piece of the Q and A session that Master Ryuho Okawa delivered. In addition, we’d like to remind our readers that Happy Science truly respects the same family values that the Catholic Church proposes.



What are the spiritual teachings of Happy Science concerning pregnancy? Also, I would like to know more about the fetal state of consciousness inside the womb between conception and birth, and about the ideal prenatal training of the fetus from a spiritual perspective.


Master Ryuho Okawa’s Answer:

Preparing to be Reborn on Earth

Three months after a fetus is conceived, a soul inhabits it. In pregnancy, one month is defined as a period of four weeks, so this happens at the beginning of the ninth week of pregnancy.

Before a soul reincarnates, it prepares for its rebirth on earth in the spirit world. These preparations can differ depending on the individual’s history and the outlook of each soul, but in the following I will give a general overview of the process involved.

There is some variation concerning the exact way in which each soul prepares to inhabit a fetus resulting in its rebirth on earth after it has been living as a mature spirit in the spirit world. However, there are certain commonalities. The first stage all souls go through is an orientation process conducted in a fixed place, where all candidates gather for this purpose. There, they learn what being reincarnated on earth involves, what the current situation on earth is like, and what they need to watch out for when they go through their reincarnation process.

Today, orientation videos are often used to educate souls. The souls seeking reincarnation on earth enter a room resembling a language lab, where they watch videos and listen to audio sources giving them all the information they need about being reincarnated on earth.

When the curriculum ends, their spirit bodies undergo a transformation into a form that allows them to enter into a fetus. They assume a small, egg-like capsule shape, and they enter into a state of deep sleep comparable to a period of hibernation. In this form, they have no way of communicating with other human beings.

Then, at the beginning of the 9th week of pregnancy, they descend to earth and enter the fetus. In some cases, this happens a little later during the pregnancy, but in general, it happens around the nine week mark.


The Mental Age of a Fetus is Between Three and Seven Years Old

When the soul enters the fetus, to put it in crude terms, it is as if the mother has been possessed, because a foreign soul has invaded her body.

At this stage, the connection between soul and fetus is still unstable, so the fetus’s soul does not constantly dwell in the mother’s body. The soul still goes in and out of the fetus, without losing its footing.

Up until the seventh month of pregnancy, the fetus’s soul jumps back and forth between different stages of mental development that have nothing to do with the mind of an infant. Around the 4th month, the fetus’s soul still retains the mind of an adult. The state of the fetus’s mental development is still unstable at this point, and it oscillates between child and adult. Its mental age goes up and down.

Finally, this unstable situation subsides, and around the fifth month of pregnancy, the fetus’s mental age reaches a constant level of about three or four to six or seven. This stage continues from the fifth to the seventh month of pregnancy.

If you read a picture book to your child during this time, the fetus’s soul will react to it. It can understand the content of the picture book to a certain degree. Your child will also react when you talk to him or her.

At this stage, the fetus can usually identify music and knows what music it likes and dislikes. If you put on rock music, for example, or other noisy music, most fetuses have a negative reaction to it, while they generally show a positive reaction to quiet, baby-friendly music.

(The Compass for Life, No. 60)
Is Birth Control Against the Will of God? (Part 1)
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