How the People of the Catholic Nations Can Achieve Economic Success (Part 2)


I have one question about Catholicism in the Philippines. Now, many Asian countries are economically successful, with the exception of the Philippines, which is still poor. It is said that one big reason for this problem is their faith in Catholicism. Please tell us a way or a method to grow beyond the traditional Catholic teachings and to harmonize economic success with faith. Thank you.


Master Ryuho Okawa’s Answer:

3. Japan and the Philippines Must Reestablish Friendly Relations

Thirdly, I’d like to discuss a point regarding World War II. The Filipino people were the first to witness the misery of Macarthur’s runaway troops after Japan’s army hit them. However, after that, General Macarthur returned to the Philippines, and he expelled the Japanese army. Unfortunately, they missed the chance to be independent.

Japanese people were not evil, and they did not form an evil army. About 70% of the Japanese people, thought about assisting Asian countries to become independent. Because of the sacred victims in the Japanese armies, India, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries became independent. Only the Filipino people lost their chance to be independent at that time. They saw the United States of America as being very strong, and they thought that the yellow-colored people were weaker than the white people. The bad influence of their culture imprinted an idea like that on them.

I hope the Filipino people want to have a good relationship with the Japanese, but the people of Japan are apt to act indifferently to the Filipinos. So, we must remake our friendships, and must cooperate in order to develop their economy and the political structures of their government.


4. We Must Combine Our Strengths, and Defend Ourselves Against China’s Expansionism

I hope that the Indian, Nepali, Filipino, and Australian people want to be our friends both politically and economically, to make ourselves powerful in order to protest against the China’s expansionism. I think the Philippines are on the verge of a crisis. They will face the crisis of an intrusion from China. China is a big country. The Philippines are much smaller. Of course, they also made the mistake of keeping a good relationship with United States of America, which is similar to the mistake the people in Okinawa, Japan made with the Futemma base problem. They expelled the American Air Force and Army from the Philippines, and afterwards the Chinese intrusions became greater and greater.

They now think that they should again combine forces with Japan and the United States. I also think the same thing. Japan, the United States of America, the Philippines, India, other Asian countries, Australia, New Zealand and the like should be careful to defend themselves from the evil expansionist thoughts of the Chinese. I want to reflect on it because I’m a world teacher. I must scold them. They are very proud of themselves now, so they don’t sincerely want to hear it. They just think that the people of Japan envy China’s economic growth. They do not want to consider that it is an opinion from the perspective of global justice. They prefer to think that it only comes from envy. Therefore, the Japanese must restart their political and economic activities in order to make more powerful alliances again with countries such as the United States of America. People in Asia and Africa are waiting for our assistance.

How the People of the Catholic Nations Can Achieve Economic Success (Part 2)
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