How to Rebuke an Insolent Nation!
Wake Up, Land of the Samurai

Rebuke Insolent Countries in This Way

Once Japan resolves the historical issues, and consolidates the national defense strategy, it will become possible to ‘rebuke’ without regretting it afterwards. While diplomatic problems persist due to false accusations by China and South Korea, President Ryuho Okawa of the Happy Science Group is recording the spirit discourse and content preached by patriots of the Meiji Restoration. How should Japan discipline the Chinese and South Korean uncivil, ‘insolent diplomacy’? We can discover hints for the answers to that question and more solutions to issues of political nature in Master Okawa’s recordings.


A Method to Express Sharp Disapproval – With Words

‘Give thanks for the past 20 years’

The reason why China was able to continue its dramatic economic growth was that, in the ‘lost 20 years’ of recession, Japan invested in China, directly creating jobs and generating wealth. It is barbaric behavior to insult Japan, its ‘benefactor’, while forgetting 20 years of indebtedness.
(From: The Power of Religion to Defend a Nation)

“Better to reflect on ‘your own country’s indiscipline’ a little more”

China blames Japan’s former ‘colonialism’ for the fictitious ‘Nanjing Massacre’, but it is actually trying to conceal a massacre that it perpetrated. The Chinese Communist Party murdered thousands of its own people during the era of Mao Zedong due to power struggles and economic mismanagement. It also conducted ‘ethnic cleansing’ in the Uyghur regions and in Tibet. Japan doesn’t have a ‘culture’ of genocide, yet China is simply claiming, falsely, that Japan also did the things that they themselves have done.
(From: A Sensational Report That Puts an End to the Controversy Over the Nanking Massacre and Comfort Women? )

“It would be too optimistic to believe that they can get away with the assassination of Japan’s first Prime Minister.”

Japan tried to enable Korea to gain its independence from the Qing Dynasty in China and to modernize it. Yet, Koreans murdered Japan’s first Prime Minister Hirobumi Ito, and they worship the assassin as a hero. They can’t complain about the annexation by Japan.
(From: The Power of Religion to Defend a Nation)

“As long as they complain to Japan, money will be offered so they say these things to obtain money. Truly, they have ignoble national characteristics.”

When relations were normalized, both Japan and South Korea decided to wave a request for reparations from each other. However, South Korea has learnt that it just needs to ask for money as a response to Japan’s diplomacy of making apologies, so it is now taking advantage of the historical issues.
(From: Emperor Jimmu did exist)

“If North Korea attacks South Korea, Japan may not go to help the South. But does it really understand that?”

If South Korea continues to provoke Japan by alluding to historical issues, it could increase the risk of having its own country defeated by a North Korean invasion. Japan and South Korea should work together against North Korea. Adopting an anti-Japan policy, in order to gain administrative popularity, is in fact traitorous behavior on the part of South Korea. It is not patriotism.
(From: Razor Gotoda: Rebuking Japan’s Crisis Management)


Another Method to Express Sharp Disapproval – Through Action

“Revoke China’s permanent membership in the UN Security Council”

China is behaving inappropriately at the UN Security Council when it does things like veto sanctions against Syria where civilians are being massacred. Japan, as the second largest payer of financial contributions to the UN, demands UN reforms and the stripping of China’s permanent membership on the Security Council.
(From: Ryoma Sakamoto: Cut the world off! )

“Arrest anyone who lands, and sink any vessels that approach by firing at them with machine guns”

If the Chinese Navy sends a large fleet, it would be difficult to defend the Senkaku Islands. Japan should consolidate effective rule by constructing buildings and deploying the Self-Defense Forces.
(From: Shintaro Ishihara’s Explosive Outbursts Revealing His True Intentions)

“If the Japanese Emperor becomes angry, and starts to say that the Korean insolence is unforgivable (omission), then his subjects could feel much better”

His Majesty the Emperor has modestly refrained from speaking politically. However, if he speaks out, and represents his subjects to foreign countries, his message would be a dignified one embodying the spirit of the Japanese people.
(From: Sakuma Zozan: Issuing a manifesto to weak-kneed Japan)

“All you’ve got to do is enforce astronomical duties on Samsung or ban imports altogether”

Because South Korea is deliberately keeping the won cheap by manipulating the exchange rate, Japanese manufacturers of consumer electronics are in crisis. It is necessary to apply pressure by making it clear that if South Korea continues to insult Japan, Japan will not hesitate to take drastic economic sanctions.
(From: Sakuma Zozan: Issuing a manifesto to weak-kneed Japan)

“If the exchange rates of the Chinese renminbi and Korean won were to become a little more flexible, their financial surplus and growth could be easily checked.”

China should cease its currency depreciation policy and compete fairly with the world as it is now the world’s second largest economic power. Japan should team up with countries like the US to bring about the Chinese version of the ‘Plaza Agreement’*, in which Japan was forced to revalue the yen.
(From: Beasts Dialogue – the Founder / Happiness Restoration)

All quotes are from books written by Ryuho Okawa, which have been published in Japan.
*The Plaza Agreement: The Finance Ministers of the five most-developed countries (G5) and central bank governors signed this agreement in September 1985. Amid growing criticism in America that the American trade deficit had increased significantly due to Japanese exports, each country agreed to intervene in the currency exchange market to induce a weak dollar. It determined the subsequent trend of a strong yen against the dollar.

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How to Rebuke an Insolent Nation!
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