Words to Remember for Life
Tolstoy’s spiritual message on August 24th, 2012


Walk in the Light While There Is Light

── The title of this spiritual message is “Words To Remember For Life”. To finish up, I’d like to ask you if you could offer any words that could save the people of today.

Tolstoy: Yes. In a word, “Walk in the light while there is light.”

That’s what I would like to say. Because you are now living in the light, walk in it while it exists. That is your mission, the mission of Happy Science staff, the mission of Happy Science believers, the mission of the Japanese, and the mission of Happy Science believers all around the world. It is the mission of the people who read Ryuho Okawa’s books and listen to his sermons.

“Walk in the light while there is light.”

People, who notice when there is light, are happy, but people, who don’t notice, are unhappy. So I would like to say, “Don’t harbor regrets for thousands of years.”

── We will remember those words and devote ourselves. Thank you.

Okawa: (To Tolstoy) Yes, thank you.


Ending Tolstoy’s Spiritual Message
Tolstoy May Become the Trigger for a Russian Revival

Okawa: Tolstoy was a “black box”, and it was kept a lid on his secrets, but I kind of wonder if this person was not a reincarnation of Jesus.

Because I speak directly with Jesus, I don’t really mind. I refrained because I haven’t studied Russian. But naturally that was it. Tolstoy was recognized worldwide while he was alive, and he may have done more work than Jesus did in the first century A.D.

If you look at documents written by Jewish historians of the same period as Jesus, only a few lines describe Jesus. For example, prophets in Jewish history did not mention him, and in the “Antiquities of the Jews” by Josephus, only the following simple description exists: “There was a teacher who performed miracles, and he was crucified, and died.”

In other words, the greatness of Jesus was not even understood by the people of his same period. Jesus was crucified, and killed, together with robbers. They didn’t think that he would become so great in later generations.

Tolstoy might perhaps trigger a Russian revival. A religious revolution in Russia might start if “the Russian Orthodox religion acknowledges their sin of excommunicating Tolstoy, it apologizes, it states support for him once more.”


The Global Mission of Happy Science Is to Reform the Communist and Islamic Worlds

Okawa: Having it fully recognized that Happy Science has Jesus is its guiding spirit; our Russian missionary work will progress.

At any rate, the work to change the materialistic communist force that remains in Russia and China, or the former Soviet Union bloc, has been left to us. We must force countries such as China and North Korea to recognize and embrace god. We should work to eradicate poverty in the Islamic world, which is in conflict with the Christian world.

The areas that produce oil are fine. Yet, a regime exists in Islam that is actually quite like communism, and it is spreading across poor agricultural belts. They will require effort to take their movement into free and prosperous societies.

These two, I think, are the Happy Science’s global missions.

Our group may currently be in a position to be able to do them. It will be possible if we can increase our power a notch. I have been active for 26 years, and if we can gather momentum somewhere, garner over ten times more power throughout the world than what we have now, then it will be possible to fulfill the mission.

Our preaching in Russia should finally get into full swing. It’s exciting.

In Christianity, after Jesus was executed, his disciples also vanished into thin air for a while, which lead to them sparsely hiding. That happened before 400 A.D., because the Roman emperor finally converted and it became an official religion. Christianity spread around the world over a period of thousands of years, so our mission may also take some time.

It may have been hardly acknowledged while he was alive, but Tolstoy, on the other hand, had been highly regarded. In a sense, they may have been something great.


I Would Like to Create a New Global Strategy, and Do My Best to Achieve a Higher Level

Okawa: I hope Tolstoy’s message reaches Russia.

I hope that Japan can resolve the issue of the four disputed islands, and it will lead to the settlement of territorial issues with South Korea and China. If a “judo expert” were involved, I would, by all means, be grateful if he or she could apply some “skill”.

This time, one way of thinking was put out by Tolstoy. Since his ideas work, if the Russians and the Japanese were to recognize Tolstoy, then what’s not to celebrate? With so many anti-Putin protests, Putin would be somewhat happy if he were praised and admired in Japan.

Either way, we have to create a new global strategy. It’s normal for work to take time, and it’s hard to forecast, but I am grateful to Tolstoy for his opinion.

Well, it didn’t really go as I thought it would. Yet, during Tolstoy’s lifetime, he was shrouded in honor. He properly dealt with holy people from around the world, and it was extraordinary.

Our group shall also work hard to do the same. We will try harder now.

Well, let’s finish there.

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Words to Remember for Life
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