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Tolstoy’s spiritual message on August 24th, 2012


Russia Must Return the Four Disputed Islands and Aim for Harmonious Relations With Japan

Tolstoy: I think that the four disputed islands have become an obstacle. A hostile relationship between Japan and Russia is not very desirable. They must not end up at war with each other.

As I said earlier, Russians should review and honestly disclose the situation that occurred at the end of the war. They should explain what happened in a way the Russian people can understand.

Russia is such a vast country; Japan is a small country.

The people, born on the four disputed islands, actually live in Hokkaido. A decisive step is important, because the residents of those islands want to visit the graves of their ancestors and return to the villages where they were born.

Russia is not so small that it needs such little islands. The Russian people should resolutely decide to return the islands that Japan requested. If they do, then the friendship between the two countries will move forward. A close association between Japan and Russia would immensely help to resolve the territorial issues with South Korea and China. If Russia is courageous and returns the islands, it should instantly have an impact on South Korea and China.

If this were to happen, Russia would become an ally of Japan and America, and South Korea and China could not put up resistance with extreme difficultly. What China fears most is to become surrounded by a alliance among Japan, America, Russia, and India. Russia should make an effort to make China a more peaceful nation, and apply more pressure on it.

Russia did not carry out its past promise to return two of the four disputed islands to Japan. Now it is claiming that the four islands are Russian territory as a fait accompli, and that is quite a humiliating thing for a major power to do.

Russia is large, but its economy ranks around ninth in the world. It should push ahead with development of the Siberian region. Russia should start laying pipelines for natural gas, etc., and launch into manufacturing and other industries. Economic exchange with Japan is also important because Russia should mend the great rift with Japan,

If Russia could transfer and develop Japanese technology, then it could build a relationship that could become mutually beneficial. Russia should also get assistance with food, agricultural goods, etc.

Japan and Russia didn’t fight in the previous world war. In the end, a bit of trouble occurred, but they didn’t go to war in the real sense of the word. If Russia suffered some hardship now, then it could serve to dispel some of that ill feeling. Russians should take the initiative, and they must make efforts to resolve the strained relationship between Japan, the Korean Peninsula, and China.

If Russia were to take the first step, then Japan’s degree of recognition of a friendship with Russia would greatly increase. In fact, under the Putin administration, the level of pro-Japanese sentiment among the Russian people has been incredibly high, but Japan has been very indifferent about Russia.

When Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky were read, there was still concern about this topic. When the left-wing became popular after the war, they were well-read, but now they are gradually being forgotten. I don’t know if there is a “Complete Works of Tolstoy” or not, but I presume that publishing houses that would put out Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky are beginning to go out of business.

There were wars in the past. However, I would like the friendship to be promoted, because Japan is geographically closer than America


The Greatest Issue of the First Half of the 21st Century Is Not to Allow China to Run the Show

Tolstoy: Just like you, I think that not allowing China to run the show is the greatest issue of the 21st century, or at least the first half of it.

The threat of nuclear war from the U.S. and the Soviet Union previously existed during the Cold War era. Now, Japan is placed right in the middle of another threating nuclear war between the U.S. and China. That country opposes the U.S., and the Chinese are running wild and extremely dangerous.

That must be stopped. It is not something that should happen a second time. As for the understanding of mankind, another war would be a waste.

However, such a point of contention could be eliminated if Russia forms a connection with Japan. If Russia doesn’t, as I said in the beginning, government leaders could possibly plan a strategy and form an alliance of countries that include Russia, the Korean Peninsula, China, Pakistan, Iran, Syria, and Egypt. They could align their interests in order to create a shield and defend themselves against the U.S.

In other words, the possibility of an alliance occurring whereby countries with a bent towards communism band together with Islamic nations, and hinder the military supremacy of the U.S., is extremely high. The promotion of friendly relations between Japan and Russia could be a force to prevent the above from happening.

For that reason, Russia should resolutely decide to hand over the four disputed islands to Japan. In return, Japan should willingly cooperate with Russia and participate in a large scale economic development of Siberia’s resources to foster industrialization and manufacturing.

Because Japan is a nation still fighting for second or third place, forming better economic relations with Japan would be extremely helpful for Russia and may perhaps also rein in China.

Besides, overabundance of nuclear weapons exists in Russia. Russians desperately want to sell their nukes for about one hundred million yen each. Because they can sell about 10,000 weapons, the Russians could make a trillion yen if they sell them for one hundred million yen each. I must say that Russia wants around that much for their stockpile.

Russia’s nuclear weapons may already be rusting away, so they may possibly be no good. Russia could have a problem if it can’t scrap them.

Japan should naturally conduct diplomatic activities with Russia. Discord now exists between Japan, South Korea, and China. Japan should resolutely decide to engage in a broader dialogue with Russia.

The guardian spirit of Putin has already said the same thing. Didn’t he say in a spiritual message that “If you want the four disputed islands returned, Square up, and put forth the best conditions for an exchange!” (See “President Putin and Future of Russia“)
Japan should, in short, engage in large-scale economic development and thus foster friendship in exchange for the return of the islands.

This would make it clear that the four disputed islands belong to Japan. People actually exist who were born on the four disputed islands. Those people were born and raised in Hokkaido. Unlike comfort women and the Nanking incident, clear-cut evidence can be found. People, who were born and raised on those islands, graduated from those elementary schools, are actually living in Hokkaido right now.


Russians Should Permit Japanese Industry and Allow it to Aid the Development of Their Country

Russia hasn’t actually developed in full because of its size. It should allow Japanese industry to develop its infrastructure and to help its people.

Meanwhile, Japan’s main weakness is its fuel supply. Oil is imported from the Persian Gulf, but Japan’s sea-lane is the threated by China and other real dangers. If Japan could connect ocean-floor pipes for natural gas from Russia on a greater scale, for example, then it could become a new source for electrical power and energy, which is important in terms of risk diversification.

Here’s my final recommendation. Building military and tourism facilities on tiny islands and intimidating Japan are no good.

── Thank you for your valuable suggestions from a Russian perspective.


Revealing the Reincarnation Secret
Jesus’ Incarnation Was Born With a Mission to Save Russia

── Because the idea of reincarnation is not clear in Christianity, I don’t know if you can answer this question or not, but when Tolstoy was born in the past, did he work in literary arts or literature? Or was he in the position of a religious leader? It would be great if you could tell us as much as possible.

Well, this is actually something that no one has talked about in the history of mankind, but I was an incarnation of Jesus.

Thus my mission was much bigger than people previously thought. Because I couldn’t accomplish my work, I have been frustrated and have had a difficult time. I actually had to found a religion that would form the backbone of the Russian Revolution. That was my mission. In other words, I was charged with the task of founding a new form of Christianity, the Tolstoy sect, and responsible for saving Russia.


It Was a Shame That the Tolstoy Religion couldn’t be Created From Tolstoyism

Tolstoy: Tolstoyism was certainly popular, and it even had an impact on Japan. I was revered as a god in my twilight years, and pictures of me on my farm were even in newspapers around the world. However, Tolstoyism died down all too soon, and it never became a new religion.

Instead, the atheist and materialist forces of communism consequently became huge, mankind suffered for seventy to eighty years, and then there was the showdown between the U.S. and the Soviet Union, which added to Russia’s suffering.

Now there has been a resurgence of the Russian Orthodox religion.

Despite being born as one of the spirit brothers of Christ, I was excommunicated from the Russian Orthodox religion. You should be careful, because a possibility exists that you, too, will be excommunicated from Buddhism. Since you created something new, it could happen.

I actually had the mission to create a Tolstoy religion from Tolstoyism, and I deeply regret that I hadn’t had the ability to do it. However, a restorer might eventually emerge, and a possibility exists that he could create it. Tolstoyism could spread.

It took Christianity over 300 years to become the official Roman religion. Jesus died around 30 A.D., and the Bible was compiled around 70 – 90 A.D. In other words, the Bible was compiled after the Jewish state ceased to exist, when the Jewish people were scattered all around the world.

In this way, maybe my failure to fulfill my mission couldn’t be helped. Neither Jesus nor I could save the countries in which we lived. Marx tried to make the world become communist and materialist with the publication of his Communist Manifesto in 1848. I wanted to create something different. Unfortunately, however, as a thinker I didn’t manage to do it.

I don’t know whether it was because I spent too much time writing novels, or I got caught up farming. Along those lines, I couldn’t help becoming envious of Ryuho Okawa’s movement. He rapidly created a religious order and wrote books. I felt a little jealous, because I couldn’t do that.


Happy Science Has Entered the Aftermath of Communism

Tolstoy: Gandhi and Tolstoy were born with some kind of mission. Gandhi’s destiny was to help the independence of India.

I would have possibly founded a religion, and better remained in the history of mankind, had I been assassinated like Gandhi. Yet, I had an argument with my wife, left her, and then I died. I regret that it ended in an anticlimactic manner.

Since I couldn’t create a religion, I was somewhat in need of a mentor or spiritual leader. However, the Tolstoy name became too big, as I became a literary luminary, and there wasn’t anyone who was willing to teach me.

I was actually born as the savior of Russia, and I was sorry that I couldn’t complete that mission. I think that Master Okawa, born in Japan, has entered the world in the aftermath of Communism. Since I didn’t succeed, he should try to clean up the mess. I unfortunately have left the work to him.

Thus, you could speak of me as an incarnation of Jesus.

── Thank you.

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