Our Response to the Article Appeared on AP July 10, 2012

2.2 What is Principles of Happiness?

This “Principle of Progress” is part of “Principles of Happiness.” This principle consists of four principles: Love, Wisdom, Self Reflection and Progress, through which Happy Science members explore the Right Mind. “Exploring the Right Mind” is one of the precepts that Happy Science members should set, and it is also an important goal of our life. Since the Principles of Happiness assure your happiness if you focus on exploring them and you endeavor to practice them.

Master Okawa teaches the Fourfold Path as follows:


Read Master Okawa’s teaching regarding the Fourfold Path

――The following excerpt are from The Laws of Happiness.

“I have taught the importance of following these four tenets, explaining that if in your explorations of Right Mind you constantly keep these principles to the fore, you will not wander from the path and will be able to return to the heavenly world after death. In these explorations, you will even be able to endeavor to become an angel of light. This is why I tell the members of our Institute to endeavor to explore Right Mind, to find their Buddha-nature, the divine nature within, and to practice the four principles of love, wisdom, self-reflection and progress as concrete goals in their daily lives.”
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Our Response to the Article Appeared on AP July 10, 2012
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