A Remote Viewing of China’s Secret Missile Bases and A Base for Extraterrestrial Interchanges
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This is a photo of an airport-like base in the middle of the Gobi in the Xinjiang-Uygur Autonomous Region. Markings, similar to the figure “8”, dot the area.

Already aimed at Japan’s major cities!

People in Japan have been staging lively “anti-nuclear power demos” and campaigns against American bases. However, the Japanese mass media has not been reporting that the major military power that is our neighbour, China, has nuclear missiles aimed at Japan. If things continue as they are, under the DPJ government, we will see a “bloodless capitulation” to China, of not just the Senkaku Islands, but the whole of Japan as well.

In the face of such imminent danger, Ryuho Okawa, the Founder and President of the Happy Science Group, “clairvoyantly viewed” the three huge structures that are arousing much interest on Google Earth as “China’s mysterious markings”. This revealed a whole string of amazing facts. All of the people in Japan must now face up to these facts.


What exactly are the mysterious markings that dot the Gobi?



These photos show strange “markings” in an area on the border between Gansu Province and the Xinjiang-Uygur Autonomous Region (photo1)(photo2). They are the subject of various speculations on the Internet by people who have seen them on Google Earth.

The said “mysterious markings” dot the Gobi, which lies in the Chinese interior between the Gansu Province and the Xinjiang-Uygur Autonomous Region.

President Okawa used his transcendent psychic powers to fly his “eye” over there, and he verbally explained what he saw clairvoyantly. In an instant, he flew his sight to a vast desert region, off limits to all unauthorized persons, and he told us what he saw.

First of all, he flew to one area with a rectangular maze-like marking (Photo1). There was a complex web of roads as broad as national highways, and it was clear that this was a facility for tank and urban warfare maneuvers.

He then flew to an airport-like place where strangely-shaped runways intersected.
“What I am seeing is something like a giant manhole,” he said.

They were exactly what dot the runways in a figure “8” pattern. The round parts were in two sections jutting above ground like a silo, and the lids were shut. President Okawa went into those lids.


Nuclear missiles target Japan’s major cities!

The amazing fact we found, after he descended in a straight line for about 100 meters in total darkness, was a missile loaded with a nuclear warhead.

He counted around 150 nuclear missile silos. In other words, the Chinese have hid 150 missiles with nuclear warheads at this base.

“Missiles aimed at America are the most numerous.”

President Okawa used his powers of clairvoyance even to ascertain the target of each missile.

“(The American) West Coast…”, “Missiles aimed at Japan are around here”, “It’s aimed at…, the one that’ll be fired first is…”
The president’s words identified one major city after another, in Japan and around the world, targeted by the nuclear missiles.

When asked whether America was aware of this base, President Okawa answered, “America has found out about the bases in the coastal regions, but they clearly don’t know about this one.”

In other words, he has exposed the “secret” of People’s Liberation Army missile launchers that even America does not know about.


The shocking truth about the Chinese “Area 51”

President Okawa then turned his clairvoyant view to a mysterious place where planes have been placed in the center of a circular marking (photo2).

“I can see small people….they look like Grays (a type of extraterrestrial being). They’re walking above ground.”
Now aliens have appeared on the scene.

“They’ve parked jets to make it look like an ordinary military base but that’s just for show. This place has an extraterrestrial connection.”

President Okawa sent his “eye” into a tunnel that had been excavated. After passing through a complex route, what came into sight was a vast underground hangar, roughly the size of four baseball fields.

And what did he find there?

Two types of strangely-formed extraterrestrials. Apparently they have been providing the People’s Liberation Army with military technology.

It turned out that that this was the China’s “Area 51”.

This amazing scoop, President Okawa’s “Clairvoyant View of China’s Secret Military Bases” will be simultaneously released on July 31 to all Happy Science branches, bases, and temples in Japan and overseas.

Our movie “The Mystical Laws” revealed the truth about aliens and the spirit world

If we take a look at what is going on in Japan, on July 16 tens of thousands of people demonstrated against nuclear power, gathering together left-wing organizations from all over Japan in Tokyo. There is also an ongoing campaign against deploying the big “Osprey” military helicopters in Okinawa. However, most Japanese do not know that our neighbour, China, is capable of dropping nuclear missiles, just at the push of a button, on major cities throughout Japan.

The Japanese mass media do not report such facts, and the DPJ government continues to lean towards China. If things carry on like this, the day will come when they sell to China not just the Senkaku Islands, but the whole of Japan, in a “bloodless capitulation”. It’s just like the future foretold in the movie “The Final Judgement”.

And the Happy Science movie “The Mystical Laws”, due for release this October, depicts the fact that “our neighbouring country is being supplied with military technology by extraterrestrials”. In this movie as well, the overwhelming military force of our neighbour, the Empire of Godom, captures Japan. What are the true aims of the extraterrestrials? What is the connection with the spirit world? What is the key to saving Japan, and the rest of the world?

As the second movie to prophesy the near future, it is one that we want as many people as possible to see, so that we may save the future of Japan from a fate worse than death.

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A Remote Viewing of China’s Secret Missile Bases and A Base for Extraterrestrial Interchanges
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