Master Okawa’s Lecture “The Resurrection of Your Hopes”
The Celebration of the Lord’s Descent in 2012

On the 25th of July, Happy Science commemorated the 56th birthday of Master Okawa and celebrated the Lord’s Descent at Saitama Arena in Japan.

On this day, Master Okawa gave us a lecture titled, “The Resurrection of Your Hopes.” About 18,000 people gathered at this arena and the lecture was broadcast to 3,500 places all around the world via satellite.

This event has great meaning because it celebrates the descent of the Savior. The lecture given that day was of utmost importance.


In this lecture, Master Okawa made clear the significance of his spiritual messages.

“In Japan, a revolution is now taking place. This is a revolution to prove the existence of the spirit world by publishing many books of spiritual messages.

Throughout history, many people have said that the other world exists and explained parts of it in various ways. There are also many religions that have done this.

However, what Happy Science is attempting now is to thoroughly prove the existence of the other world.[…]

This is the spiritual revolution happening in Japan right now. And, as I said at the beginning, this is also a solution to the conflicts between atheist nations and religious nations. I would like you to know that I am aiming to resolve this issue without starting a single war.

There are countries that believe in the existence of God, guardian spirits, and angels in Heaven that watch over the people living on Earth. There are also other countries that do not believe in it at all.

Which of these countries is correct? The answer to this question will forever dismiss half of the issues that we have in this world today.”


With regards to the issue of China, Master Okawa clearly expressed his will and showed the path we that we must pursue.

“I cannot allow this nation (China) to continue proliferating materialism and atheism, teaching people that God does not exist, that material object is all that exists in this world. God will not allow this situation to persist.

If China really understands that human beings are all children of God, then they must give freedom to their people. Chinese people are not our enemies. They are our friends.[…]

We can live as friends, but to bring that into realization, all of us need to believe in the will of God. It is important for all people to have faith in God and unite as one.”


Finally, he strongly concluded his lecture in the following way:

“What we need to aim for is further prosperity. We need a goal of prosperity as a nation. Our prosperity will bring further wealth to Japanese people, and it will also protect our country. At the same time, our prosperity will become the power to spread justice in the world. Please engrave this onto your heart.”


Master Okawa’s Lecture “The Resurrection of Your Hopes”
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