The Real Cause of the EU Financial Crisis

Patriotism Leads to Prosperity

Regarding the financial system of the EU, it’s a little difficult to answer from the standpoint of religion. But from the standpoint of the politics or economics, I want to say that this Euro system will not work. Because it means the EU has to get money from the German or French people.

There is a lack of nationality now. In the EU, there are many weaker countries nowadays, and the weaker countries are apt to seek aid from stronger countries. When more countries join in this system, the EU system becomes weaker. If the weaker countries get together to help each other, it will not create a good result.

They should change their mind and from the standpoint of their nation-state, each country should remake and rebuild its financial system. The financial system means not the socialistic system of government or authority. It means, if there are some difficulties with business freedoms, then the governments should get rid of that kind of bondage. They should give their people an aspiration to earn money, and make them want to create a greater nation.

People in the world and people in this country, Japan, sometimes think that nationality or the contribution to nationalism is a bad thing. But I think there is a good aspect to patriotism. Don’t forget about it. Patriotism is not an intrusion of other countries. The good kind of patriotism makes their people happier. Good patriotism will lead people to prosperity. People should have confidence in the growth of their countries and should have pride in their nation.

So, my conclusion is, the problem with the EU is a lack of genuine nationality and patriotism from the standpoint of world justice. They just seek help from other countries, but there is no good welfare country in the world. Even the United States of America is declining now. Japan also hasn’t had any successful development in the past 20 years. Only China says that they are developing, and of course India is saying so. But their economic and political systems are not very up-to-date. I mean they are delayed, maybe by one or two decades.

So China cannot save the European people… European countries, I think. Only Japan can help them, I think. If Japanese people, Japanese government have a worldview on the international situation, Japanese people should do something. For example, the crisis of the economy in Europe comes from Greece and Italy and Spain. The economic size of Greece is very small and Japan can easily save it. And if we, at the starting point of the decline of the EU, can stop its falling to “hell” in the economic sense, they can survive.

Being Independent is the Key to Success for EU countries

The main point is they need an ideal image of their own country. It’s a mental attitude. In this context, Mrs. Margaret Thatcher, the former Prime Minister of UK, was excellent. She kept distance from the other EU countries in the standpoint of her financial system. If the UK lost its financial reins, by reins I mean its controlling power, then the country would be lost. Mrs. Thatcher knew a lot about that. The financial system of her own country was very important because it determined whether her country could remain independent or not. An independent country can issue its own money like the American dollar. It can make a money supply or stop one by its own will. The EU system does not work like that.

My conclusion is it’s a failure. I already predicted this failure in 1992. “There should occur a failure in Europe,” I already said so 20 years ago, and I already supported Margaret Thatcher. I said, “She’s right.”

If I asked them for one thing, then I would say to each EU country, “Be independent.” In the economic and political sense, be independent. An independent country can produce good friendships with other countries. If they are not independent, they cannot keep good relationships with other countries. I think so. It’s the same for each individual person. If you are independent, you can keep your good connections and friendship with other people. But if you are not independent, then you just rely on other people. It becomes a case of one-sided friendships, and they are not good for either one.

Therefore, they should be independent. They should change their minds. The EU will not work well. Please think of a good direction for your own country. It should stand on its own two feet, and carve a better way to the future. The leaders of countries should think like that. It’s a little difficult. I’m not the EU president. I cannot do anything about it. However, my main point is “independence.”

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The Real Cause of the EU Financial Crisis
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