I Will Feed 10 Billion People!
Export plant factories to the world.

Plant factories can be a key industry originating from Japan.

“Plant growth varies greatly depending not only on characteristics of seeds, but also on growing environments. For example, if we grow herbs, we can produce products with a strong fragrance by varying room temperature settings to increase oil ingredients. We can add extra values to the characteristics of species.”

Shimamura collects various data of light, temperature and fertilizer compounds and controls the environment to grow the plants as expected. We can say that plant factories are an advanced software industry. Shimamura says that there is a reason for Japan being capable of leading the world in this field.

“Japanese people’s sense of quality is the top level in the world. Fine tuning and quality control are necessary for growing plants. I think that this know-how is what the Japanese disposition produces. Plant factories will become a key industry originating from Japan.”

The Government announced in 2009 that the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry would form a workgroup for producing plant factories, and the government would cooperate with the researchers of companies and universities to spread the technology. Inspection teams from overseas are also visiting this factory now. Shimamura says his coming target is to build many more business models.

10 billion people’s stomachs will be satisfied.

Shimamura talks about his food concept for the future:
“I will build plant factories all over the world, produce vegetables, and increase grain productions in the vacant land. I will give a part of the harvested grains to fish and livestock. 2kg of grain can grow 1kg of fish. I think I can also increase marine ranches. As enough land is vacated, we can revive forests. 10 billion people will be able to eat and we will also be able to preserve the global environment.”

“Although some people say that progress in science and technology destroys nature, extremely advanced technology will be able to create wonderful environments. Technology is a source of wealth and a hope for a better future.”

The food shortage, which is the biggest problem for people living in the 21st century, can be solved by the technology originating from Japan.

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I Will Feed 10 Billion People!
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