Spiritual background to the problems in the Middle East (2)
Jesus' stance and Allah's intention

In part 1, it was revealed that the long-running conflict in the spirit world between Muhammad and Archangel Michael is behind the problems in the Middle East. In the hierarchy of the spirit world that Happy Science has revealed, Muhammad and Michael both belong to a very high world called the 8th dimension. If there was no one who could monitor their conflict, the world would be ruled by the principle of war, and the two monotheistic religions of Islam and Christianity could continue fighting until one fell.

Fortunately, however, that is not the case. Above the 8th dimension to which Muhammad and Michael belong there is the 9th dimension, which is the highest level of the terrestrial spirit world. The high spirits that live in this dimension try to guide the future of Earth’s civilization, taking a hard look at it from a viewpoint higher than that of those who live in the 8th dimension.

One of those spirits is Jesus Christ. Jesus is one soul that has helped Happy Science from the spirit world since its inception. This may be difficult for Christians to readily believe. Regardless of the fact that the bible’s teachings have not changed since they were written 2000 years ago, we want Christians to try and judge whether what is mentioned below is what Jesus actually said or not from its content. (The following is a quote from “The Laws of Salvation“.)

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Spiritual background to the problems in the Middle East (2)
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