Spiritual background to the problems in the Middle East (2)
Jesus' stance and Allah's intention

“I want to remove the element of hatred from Islam,” Jesus said

I summoned Jesus Christ, told him what Muhammad said and asked if he, Jesus, was fighting in the same ring.
Jesus clearly replied, “I am of a higher spirit level than Muhammad and Michael, so I do not harbor such a desire to fight. Michael is fighting, but I never directed him to fight against Islam.”

Because both Christianity and Islam are sister religions originating from Judaism, there are similarities between them. It is human nature to be unable to accept anything that is created after and comes later.

However, because Jesus himself says that he does not want to fight Islamic nations, the attack on the Islamic world by America’s President Bush was not a spiritual directive from Jesus and appears to have been inspired by a war god below Jesus, such as Michael.

Michael’s aim is to defend Israel. If the country of Israel were to cease to exist, the Holy Land would disappear, meaning that it would be possible for the religion of Judaism to vanish. Michael seems to feel that since it is the religion from which Christianity originated, then Judaism is extremely important, thus he must defend the Holy Land. It seems to be the root of this conflict.

Jesus is one supportive spirit that appears to Happy Science extremely frequently. He has a very close affinity with Happy Science. What follows below is his thinking.

“The battle between Christian and Islamic civilization continues. It is thought that a fairly fierce battle will continue into the future, but the teachings of Happy Science will gradually spread throughout the world. I think this will become the third force.
I think that the structure of the Islam versus Christianity battle will transform into a three kingdom-like distribution of power for a period of time with the emergence of a new force, Happy Science, which will eventually absorb the other two.
Thus as far as I’m concerned, I’d like Christianity’s affinity with Happy Science to continue, and ultimately remove the element of hatred from Islam,” Jesus said.

When I heard this, I thought that it was quite a difficult task. (End of quote)

Michael, who exists in the 8th dimension, is ultimately under the direct command of Jesus in the 9th dimension. It is thought that in the long run Jesus’ thinking will be more realistic than Michael’s intention. Meanwhile, which soul in the 9th dimension does Muhammad defer to? Who in the 9th dimension is Allah, the one embracing Islam? Here is a quote from the same book. (Start of quote)

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Spiritual background to the problems in the Middle East (2)
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