Spiritual background to the problems in the Middle East (2)
Jesus' stance and Allah's intention

The name “Allah” as clarified by Muhammad

Then, and this is the most important, I checked with Muhammad, asking him who he thought Allah was. People outside the Islamic world, including Japanese, tend to think that “Allah” is a proper noun, but it is simply Arabic for “god”.

I then asked him who Allah referred to. Was it Yahweh? Jehovah? The Jewish God? Or the Christian God? Who did he, Muhammad, think Allah was? He conceded that he thought it was El Cantare. He said, “Allah is El Cantare. I know that. However, now I am fighting with Michael, and because it is a battle of fate, I cannot back down so easily. I am now in a battle with Michael, who is of the same spirit level as myself.” Hence, there is the need for a more superior religion to mediate and bring about reconciliation.

Japan can also provide the Islamic world with technological assistance thus enabling poor nations to become more affluent. It is possible for many private companies to go to the region and for national policy to provide various forms of assistance. While making an impact in this way, spreading the teachings of Happy Science and preventing the battle between Christianity and Islam becoming all-out war, I’d like to gradually create a new age religion for the new age. (End of quote)

Who is El Cantare?

El Cantare is the name of the Supreme God of Earth, who was first revealed by Happy Science. This god is the top of the high spirits of the 9th dimension and bears ultimate responsibility for the Earth’s future, with the core element of his awareness currently active as Master Ryuho Okawa. For more information on El Cantare, click on the link below.

It would be great if Muslims would accept the fact that Allah, namely El Cantare, is now trying to reconcile Christianity and Islam through the teachings of Happy Science. It is these teachings that are Allah’s present intention. The spread of this intention among Muslims will promise peace and prosperity for the future of Islamic countries.

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Spiritual background to the problems in the Middle East (2)
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