Transplant Patients Face Risk of ‘Possession’ Part 2
World Teacher's Message No. 304

The Question:

You have stated that organ transplants cause spiritual issues, but it is generally accepted as “good” in Western nations since it saves people’s lives. Can you talk about the spiritual background of people who undergo organ transplants knowing the spiritual truth?

Excerpt from Q & A session during the lecture, “How I View Things, How I Think About Things” (available only in Japanese).
August 27, 2017, at Happy Science Special Lecture Hall.


Previously, I pointed out the possibility that organ transplants can cause severe possessions.

In addition, there is also the likelihood that transplants involve crimes. I have talked about organ trafficking for condemned criminals in China, but this illegal organ trafficking also occurs in Thailand, India and other Southeast Asian nations. There are many incidents of poor parents with many children selling the organs of their living child. This is largely common for kidneys because they can sell just one of their two kidneys.

Furthermore, if they need to plead for a living, then it’s difficult for them to obtain food if their bodies are healthy and intact. Thus, parents may cut off the hand or foot of their children so they lack one limb. This action stems from a “parent’s love,” but it is a little sad.

Even though it is difficult to live in this world, I’m not sure what to make of immoral transplants.

There are people who collect organs purely for moneymaking. Many brokers and mafias are involved in this, so it is possible for evil to reside in these places.

These operations must be based on good intentions. Only people with good intentions who die from something like an accident should transplant, and they must also hold the desire to save others. When souls embark on a trip to the other world, there is the fear of not knowing what will happen next due to lack of experience. But if they can still give away their organs thinking, “I’d rather have someone else live for many more years,” then this is grateful for others. Otherwise, it can cause more negative spiritual influences.

In general, organ transplants should be performed out of good intention for free. It should not be done to make money.

This happens in Japan as well. When it is time for high-interest moneylenders to collect money, they may say, “Sell parts of your body,” “Sell your organs.” I cannot condone these behaviors that lead to crimes.


Varying Ages Should Exist in Other World

I’d also like to add that people have different life expectancies, and this is sometimes unchangeable because it is decided by fate. It is unusual but those who are older can live longer while the younger ones die first. There are times when these things cannot be changed.

If you reach the free realm when you return to the other world, then you can freely change your age and appearance to look how you want. However, for those who do not reach this stage, they often retain their age and appearance from the time of their deaths.

It is not very ideal for everyone in the other world to be elderlies. If the other world seemed like a nursing home full of old people, it does not look appealing. Having younger people and children can make the other world more enjoyable.

There are also cases where souls pass away as babies. These people who pass away as babies can, in turn, be raised by people in the other world who missed their opportunity to raise kids. When fetuses are aborted, they keep their forms in the other world if they already have a conscience as a baby. There are also people who pay off their karma from this world in the other world by raising children and acting as a nanny or a nurse by taking care of these babies. In the other world as well, souls mature to become adults after around 20 years or so relative to time in the physical world.

A baby’s conscience will not be able to change their forms at will. They do not know anything that they don’t learn from their father and mother.

In this way, people of various age and gender are necessary in the other world, and things do not necessary occur according to one’s soul or age.


Possessions Can Even Occur For Cornea Transplant

I also think there are both good and bad in people treating humans as “machines.”

I have been talking about organs, but corneas can also cause possession in many cases. There is a famous example. Usually, people think corneas do not have a conscience. Something the surface coating of an eye can virtually be considered as a mere machine part, but there are cases of forced possessions occurring from cornea transplants, so this is another risk you should be aware of.

If you’re wondering if transplants are fine among Happy Science members, then I think it is probably safe as long as the two parties have talked through it and understand the consequences. Possessions can still occur, but if it is among members, then exorcism at a local temple would probably be effective.

To an extent, one should acknowledge the concept of life spans, though I do see the desire to prolong the lives of those people who can benefit the world and humanity if they just live slightly longer.

I would also like to note that there are great people who were assassinated in the past. Even angels cannot prevent it from happening, so it is how it is to a certain extent. I agree that Lincoln shouldn’t have been assassinated, but it is hard to say because the assassination contributed to him becoming one of the best presidents in U.S. history.

Gandhi was also assassinated, and I think that he shouldn’t have been as well. For some reason, these things still happen. I bet there is some spiritual reason. Things that involve life and death is difficult, because it might hold another significance, like Jesus with his cross.


Declined Heart Transplant; Shrank Inflated Heart

“A heart transplant will cost millions of dollars.” “You can do it if you go to the U.S.” I was told these things 13 years ago (from the time of lecture). “Organ transplant is the only remaining option,” they said, even though they had none.

“I’m fine,” “I don’t need it,” I said.

The doctor told me, “Your heart is inflated, and you cannot control the heart. It is not a voluntary muscle, so it won’t change. It’s over.”

“It’s too big? Then I’ll shrink it,” I replied. “I’ll start shrinking it.”

Afterwards, it shrank around five millimeters, and the doctor jumped up in surprise.

“Woah! It shrank!” He screamed, so I replied, “Of course it would. It’s my body.” I said, “It’s probably inflated because of excess water, so if I get rid of the water, of course it would shrink.”

Apparently, not many people have made the attempt. But it can shrink. It is slow, but it will shrink.

This allowed me to keep my heart. If they cut and put in some other person’s heart when they told me they didn’t need my old one, then I don’t know if I would still be able to do this job. I believed in myself, so I was able to continue carrying on my duties.

There are muscles that can be acquired quickly, but something like an organ can only change slowly. Still, miracles like this can occur. If it doesn’t occur, it just means that one’s mission is that small, and it would be carried over to later. Your duties can be carried over to the future.


Religion Lets You Accept Death

Everything in this world is ephemeral, and this largely holds true. In the end, nothing can be saved. Even things that were considered “natural deaths” are typically caused by the stopping of a heart or lung.

Transplants should only be accepted if that person must be saved, if other people agree on that, if it is righteous and if that person has a correct spiritual understanding.

Even if they don’t have a spiritual understanding, they should think through the risk of obtaining an organ from a person who thinks death ends all, and be ready to fight it off with exorcism later. It is possible for your personality to change, so one must be careful of this. That’s it.

Research in artificial organs is progressing, so I pray that this field will continue developing in the future. It is approaching practical use, so I hope that a good replacement will come along.

However, it still holds true that immortality cannot be obtained, so death must be accepted at some point. To accept death, I think that believing in religion is necessary.

Transplant Patients Face Risk of ‘Possession’ Part 2
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