Chinese Nuclear Explosions in Uyghur 1,375 Times Larger Than Hiroshima
An Interview With Jun Takada


Not much is known in Japan about the tragedy of the nuclear explosions in Uyghur. We must face the facts that the Japanese media has been concealing.


Sapporo Medical University Professor

Jun Takada PhD

Jun Takada
Doctor of Science. Graduated from Hirosaki University Department of Physics and worked at James Frank Institute and the Hiroshima University Research Institute for Radiation Biology and Medicine before assuming his current position. His publications include “Nuclear Hazards in the World: Field Studies on Affected Populations and Environments”.

At least 200,000 people died from the 1945 drop of the nuclear bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This is highlighted as the greatest tragedy in Japan’s antiwar education curriculum. If so, Japan must not overlook the nuclear genocide happening right now, a greater tragedy than the one Japan experienced.

During the lecture, “The Messiah’s Teachings,” Master Ryuho Okawa of Happy Science pointed out, “You must know that there are many nuclear experimentation sites in places like East Turkestan, or the Uyghur region. Underground, terrestrial and aerial detonation tests have already been performed many times and a few hundreds of thousands of Uyghurs have died from these nuclear tests” (published in “The Laws of Messiah ”).

We interviewed Dr. Jun Takada, who has done an on-site investigation on China’s large-scale nuclear tests and has spoken out to the world about his findings.


――Compared to the nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, how dreadful are the nuclear tests that China is performing on the Uyghur region?

Dr. Takada: The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) first performed its nuclear test on Oct. 16, 1964, right as the first Tokyo Olympics began.

Since then, various parts of the Tarim Basin in central Asia have been used for widespread nuclear detonations, and 46 explosions have been recorded (in the 32 years between 1964 and 1996). In terms of the total energy released form the explosions, the Uyghur nuclear detonations amount to 1,000 times the energy released from the nuclear bomb dropped on Nagasaki and 1,375 times that of Hiroshima’s. (*)

(*) Measured in terms of TNT equivalent, used to compare the amount of energy released in an explosion as compared to the amount of energy released from a certain amount of Trinitrotoluene(TNT). Nuclear explosions in Uyghur total to 22 megatons of TNT. This is 1,375 times larger than the 16 kilotons of Hiroshima, and 1,000 times larger than the 22 kilotons of Nagasaki.


Whole Village Disappeared Due to Nuclear Test

Dr. Takada: The amount of damage that the tests have caused is truly horrific.

When a nuclear bomb explodes on earth, a fireball that is over one million Celsius hot (approximately 1.8 million Fahrenheit) envelopes the ground, and nuclear matter as well as huge amounts of sands swirl up. This “nuclear sands” gets carried in the wind, and causes huge radioactive damage, not just to the neighboring population but to distant ones as well. Thus, the safety of the neighboring population is normally secured by isolating the nuclear test sites with a fence to reduce its damage. Even the Soviet Union with its dictatorial regime like China evacuated its citizens during its large-scale nuclear detonations.

However, the Tarim Basin test site in China does not have any partitions. China did not hesitate with its nuclear experimentation even when there were residents within the test site. It can be predicted that substantial numbers of people lost their lives directly from the nuclear explosions rather than from its radioactive effects. There are even cases when whole villages disappeared; the military cleaned up all the corpses of the residents so that no evidence was left behind.

An old Uyghur shepherd’s testimony depicts this brutality. In 1990, military personnel from the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) visited the shepherd in the Gobi Desert. The military personnel promised the old man, “Only you are given the permission to tame sheep in this region, so have some peace of mind. In the end, we will buy off all the sheep that you own,” and left.

Later, the old man witnessed a “light” brighter than the sun. He believed that it was God’s light and gave a prayer on the spot. However, the light actually came from a nuclear explosion. The whole right half of the old man’s body inflamed from the burn. The military personnel visited the old man again, bought off the sheep as experimental samples, and took the old man to a hospital. The old man and the sheep were used as guinea pigs. Without ever being notified of the nuclear test, the old man passed away five years later.


Three Tests Killed 190,000—Total Deaths Multitudes More

Dr. Takada: In order to bring the full stories of these nuclear victims to light, I concentrated on three terrestrial detonations of the most lethal, large-sale hydrogen bombs that were used, and performed radiation calculations on them. It became apparent that 190,000 people were exposed to high amounts of radiation (half lethal dose) that gave them a high probability of losing their lives. 140,000 were exposed to enough radiation to suffer from a serious condition, and an estimate of 1.14 million fetuses were affected. Considering that the victims were unable to get sufficient treatment, at least 190,000 people would have died.

This is the damage that only three out of the total 46 tests caused. Far greater numbers must have passed away overall, easily surpassing the deaths from the Hiroshima and Nagasaki explosions. CCP’s nuclear atrocity is the most inhumane and human rights violating act in human history that has started in the last century and continuing today.


270,000 Japanese People Toured Area

Dr. Takada: The effects of China’s nuclear explosion have even reached Japan. In the environmental radiological monitor report taken by the Ibaraki Prefecture Institute for Health, the measurement of radioactive ashes, or the “nuclear sands,” flying around in the air had direct correlation with China’s nuclear tests. The westerlies have carried China’s nuclear sands through Tibet to South Mongolia, Beijing and then finally to Japan.

Not only does this nuclear sands directly fall onto people, but it also piles on farmland and pastures, exposing people to radiation through food. When analyzing the corpses of Japanese people from these times, strontium was detected from their bones. An analysis estimated that one to seven millisieverts of internal irradiation existed among the whole of Japan, which is 10,000 times more than the amount from the Fukushima light-water reactor accident.

Furthermore, when the CCP was forcibly carrying through with the nuclear explosions, approximately 270,000 Japanese people were visiting the Uyghur region. Almost all the tourist routes lie very close to a nuclear explosion scene, or an area contaminated with large amounts of nuclear sands from the explosion. China’s nuclear tests are not only an issue for the Uyghurs but for Japan and the rest of the world as well.

――Why does China conduct its intense nuclear tests?

Dr. Takada: One of the more obvious reasons is for the development of nuclear weapons. As part of this plan, China must have conducted nuclear military exercises that would have the military storming in into a nuclear explosion scene. The CCP based their nuclear weapons development on the Soviet Union. For instance, CCP’s Defense Minister Peng Dehuai inspected the Soviet Union’s Totskoye nuclear military exercise in 1953.

Not only that, but the CCP has also mimicked the Soviet Union by using atomic bombs to exploit underground natural resources. The first underground nuclear explosion was conducted in 1969; afterwards, they have performed five in the ‘70s, seven in the ‘80s and 11 in the ‘90s. Directly following this trend, China’s oil field development began around 1987, and seven oil fields were found in the Tarim Basin in 1994, four of which have started its provisional production. The timing of China’s underground nuclear explosions and oil field development overlaps and is now a vital source of China’s energy resources.


NHK Commit Grievous Sin by Concealing CCP’s Nuclear Atrocities

――The cruelty of China’s nuclear explosion is not at all well-known.

Dr. Takada: One of the reasons for this is the CCP’s cover-up efforts. Since giving a presentation about China’s nuclear experiments in an international conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in Oct. 2008, I was pressured to not go up on an international conference podium. In addition, when I went to Uyghur to do an investigation, they put me on the wanted list and I received many harassments from the CCP.

The other reason is the silence that the Japanese media have held about this issue. In 2009, I held a symposium at the Tokyo Parliamentary Museum when my book, “Chinese Nuclear Tests,” was released in both English and Uyghur. Foreign media reported on this, but the mainstream Japanese media remained silent. In addition, despite the fact that NHK visited areas close to the nuclear experimentation site in 1980, they did not touch on the issue and instead broadcasted the history of the “Great Silk Road” on repeat. As a result, many Japanese tourists were exposed to substantial amounts of radioactivity that I previously mentioned. I must say that the media has committed grievous sins.

The Olympics, an event symbolizing peace, is about to be hosted in Beijing, China, in February. Japan must scrutinize whether the CCP truly has the right to host the Olympics.


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