Ivan Grozny Speaks: The Future of International Affairs
Is There Light Amid the World’s Chaos?

Ivan IV, 16th century Great Prince of Moscow.(photo: Lyudmila Shabanova / Shutterstock.com)

Ivan IV, 16th century Great Prince of Moscow.

He was the first tsar of Moscow, Russia, and is known for expanding Russia’s territories into the east. For his fearsome personality and political talents, he became known as Ivan Grozny, or Ivan the Terrible.

On September 14, the spirit of Ivan Grozny appeared before Happy Science CEO and founder, Master Ryuho Okawa, which led to the recording of this spiritual message.


President Biden Is Still Trapped in the Idea of the “Old Soviet Union”

Ivan Grozny spoke in Japanese, revealing the shocking news that he is currently living on Earth as some person.

Then, he spoke about his various perspectives on current international affairs and world politics from the Russian perspective.

He affirmed that China was involved in both the military coup d’état in Myanmar this February as well as the takeover of Afghanistan by the Islamic fundamentalist Taliban.

He continued, stating that U.S. President Joe Biden still holds onto the former image of the U.S.S.R., and there is therefore a concern that Russia will be left with no choice but to team up with China: “we don’t know when we’ll be made the hypothetical enemy.”


Japan May Become a Battlefield

While international affairs remain highly unpredictable, Japanese media continues to focus on how the policies of the next president of the Liberal Democratic Party will play out. Ivan Grozny expressed his perspectives on each candidate’s ability to handle international affairs, concluding that he had low hopes for all of the candidates that could become the next prime minister.

Ivan Grozny eloquently discussed the oppression of Hong Kong by China and compared it to the Russian annexation of Crimea, as well as the situation in North Korea. Lastly, he touched on the possibility of Japan becoming a battlefield due to the Biden administration’s diplomatic strategies.

This article only introduces a small part of the spiritual message. The message also touches on the following points:

  • Former President Trump’s Russian diplomatic strategies
  • If the trend continues, a well-known environmental activist may become “world savior”
  • The distance that North Korea’s missiles can fly, as well as the U.S.’s aims
  • The mission that Ivan Grozny has in Russia
  • Russia’s Gods/deities
  • The stance that Japan should take towards Russia
  • Ivan Grozny’s opinions of Mr. Biden
  • What Former Prime Minister Abe lacked
  • The underground Chinese efforts to invade Japan


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Ivan Grozny Speaks: The Future of International Affairs
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