Biden’s Spiritual Messages: Russia Is A Greater Threat Than China


Mr. Biden of the U.S. Democratic Party officially became President at the inauguration ceremony held on January 20th. He is 78-years old, making him the oldest president ever to be inaugurated. Mr. Biden’s term will end in 2025.

Shortly after taking office, Mr. Biden signed an executive order to reverse the previous Trump administration’s decision to withdraw from the World Health Organization (WHO). He showed an inclination for international cooperation as a strategic move to address the coronavirus. People may wonder how Mr. Biden will show his competence going forward.

A good reference point from which to examine Mr. Biden’s policies is the spiritual interviews of Mr. Biden’s guardian spirit, performed twice this month by Happy Science CEO Master Ryuho Okawa. This article aims to introduce the contents of the spiritual interviews.


‘Absence of Trump Will Unite The Nation’

Mr. Biden’s guardian spirit appeared in front of Master Okawa on the 13th, prior to the inauguration, to reveal his vision for the future.

The guardian spirit showed signs of great distress and passionately began, “I must somehow make America a United State.” When the interviewer asked him the kinds of accomplishments that he wanted to achieve, he answered, “Trump’s deportation,” and emphasized that expelling a “fanatic” like Trump will unite the U.S.

The guardian spirit felt begrudged that Mr. Trump continued to pursue voting fraud suspicions in the U.S. presidential election until the very end. It seemed as if he were justifying that he could do as much as he wanted because Mr. Biden himself was an unknown sheriff in one of his past lives.

As for the Chinese threat, the guardian spirit completely dismissed its possibility. Not only that, but he suggested a strategy to “pretend to put pressure on China and instead regard Russia as the adversarial threat.” Throughout the interview, he repeated his intention to keep good terms with China, the U.S.’s largest trade partner.

He also stated a surprising truth about the coronavirus, revealing the reason why Mr. Biden and other Democrats will not pursue China for coronavirus’s responsibility.

The first spiritual message covered other various points, indicated below:

  • Views on global warming
  • Whether the rapidly growing Chinese economy poses a threat for the U.S.
  • Whether he intends on serving a second term, despite his age
  • The U.S. and China may have collaborated on Covid-19 research
  • Evaluation of former President Obama


Focus on Coronavirus For Time Being, Leave China Alone

Since the first spiritual message was conducted late at night, another 93-minute spiritual message was recorded on the 20th, right before the inauguration ceremony.

Mr. Biden’s true intentions were examined from various angles based on his statements from previous spiritual messages.

“It’s important to determine the worth of things,” Mr. Biden’s guardian spirit said, with regards to Hong Kong. “Is it politically correct to hammer 1.4 billion people for the seven million people of Hong Kong? Or should it only be natural that Hong Kong is swallowed by China, and we should just advise them to make the process go as smoothly as possible? We have two options,” he stated, suggesting that the latter would be the appropriate option for the U.S.

As for Taiwan, he said, “It’s impossible that such a small country will win. American mothers would start complaining if the U.S. fought for them. They should just be absorbed peacefully.” He ended the discussion by saying that “seven million people in Hong Kong and 20 million people in Taiwan is around the size of a city, so they should just become a province [of China].”

It became clear that Mr. Biden intends to leave China alone to instead focus on domestic coronavirus issues.

He also acknowledged Russia as a greater threat than China, suggesting that he is still caught up in the old, Cold War mindset.

Regarding the Middle East, he made statements such as, “Just talk it out among the countries in the Middle East,” “It’s not my problem they’re always fighting,” indicating his lack of justice when making diplomacy judgements.

He holds a typical leftist economic view, stating that “20 percent of the people hold 99 percent of the wealth” and that “[a big tax increase for the wealthy] is only natural.”

“I’ll make it go to the point where the Trump Tower will need to be sold…I will crush all Trump-related industries,” he went on, suggesting his intentions to attack Mr. Trump so he cannot fight in four years. The guardian spirit expressed Mr. Biden’s strong passion for anti-Trump measures.

“Mr. Biden doesn’t understand the economy and business,” Master Ryuho Okawa summarized after the spiritual message. “While Mr. Trump pushed on with faith even when criticized by the media, Mr. Biden contrastingly doesn’t consider righteousness at all and is a populist, only following the opinions of the mass. While Mr. Biden struggles with domestic problems, China will probably make a move, and if [the response] keeps prolonging, it can further deteriorate the situation.”

Mr. Biden’s honest feelings were revealed twice just in this month through the spiritual readings, which serve as an integral piece to help predict the future. We recommend listening to both recordings to gain a deeper understanding of the world from the standpoint of American politics.

The spiritual reading covered the following points as well:

  • Whether the U.S. has intentions of defending the Senkaku Islands
  • If Mr. Biden intends to continue selling weapons to Taiwan
  • How he will respond to the Uighur conflict
  • His fundamental guidelines when making diplomatic decisions
  • Outlook on domestic policies including coronavirus response
  • Whether he trusts Vice President Kamala Harris

Please note, this is just a short excerpt of the spiritual message.


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Biden’s Spiritual Messages: Russia Is A Greater Threat Than China
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