Not One Subordinate Devoted to Xi Jinping

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Dr. Chin Jin is a Chinese-born Australian living in NSW Australia since 1988. He has been active in the overseas Chinese democratic movement since early 1989 and joined the Federation for a Democratic China, set up in the wake of the Tiananmen Square Incident. He is an MA graduate of the University of Western Sydney, and has written widely on Human Rights and the political structure of China. He was host of the International Conference on Chinese Democracy held in Sydney, Australia in 2005. He also hosted the Dalai Lama’s address to the Chinese Diaspora five times from 2007 to 2015. He was elected the Secretary General of The Joint Working Committee for the Chinese Democratic Movement, which includes three traditional democratic organizations: the Chinese Alliance for Democracy (founded in 1983), the Federation for A Democratic China (founded in 1989), and the Alliance for a Democratic China (founded in 1983). He is the Chair of the Federation For A Democratic China (民主中國陣線) from March 2017.

The spread of the Wuhan-originated coronavirus infection and natural disasters invading China are weakening State Chairman Xi Jinping’s unifying force. We spoke with a leader of a global organization who is advancing China’s democratization toward the fall of the Communist Party.

―― After the Tiananmen massacre, you defected to Australia and devoted your life to the democratization of China for over 30 years.

Chin Jin: The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is now the biggest monster in the world. However, the U.S. and Western democracies didn’t notice that threat and kept feeding the CCP. For instance, the so-called “Great Firewall,” a system of surveillance and blocking technology that prevents Chinese citizens from receiving information outside China, was built with technical support from US high-tech firms.

Over 30 years have passed since the Tiananmen massacre, and the CCP has kept strengthening its power. President Bush, both father and son, President Clinton and President Obama were all hopeless. They kept feeding Beijing and allowing the CCP to pose a threat to the world. Without the U.S. changing its China policy from engagement to containment, there will be no way to stop Chinese hegemony under the guise of peaceful rise.

After years of disappointment, we now finally have a leader of mettle: President Trump. He has the courage and boldness to look into the nature of the CCP. As a successful real estate developer and layman of Washington DC politics, he has enough negotiation capability and guts to defeat the CCP.

If President Trump is re-elected in November, we will have hope that China will change, since the CCP will be exposed to enormous attacks under his presidency. Just like President Regan tore down the USSR, President Trump may swipe out the CCP and reshape this world. I hope this will become his legacy to go down in history.

Looking at other heads of states, they are hopeless. Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, still keeps close ties with the CCP. French President Macron is wavering and unreliable. Britain Prime Minister Boris Johnson only changed his attitude toward China because of convincible and effective persuasion by President Trump.

I am hoping for Japan to work together with the U.S. and give more support to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Chinese people who are fighting for freedom and democracy.

When the Tiananmen massacre occurred in 1989, China got global sanctions and was isolated. Regardless of those sanctions, the Japanese government offered financial aid to China and helped China seek a way out from international isolation. I hope Japan will never again make this kind of blunder.

――After experiencing the coronavirus pandemic which originated in Wuhan, along with other large-scale disasters such as flood and drought, it is said that even Communist Party members are becoming distrustful of President Xi Jinping.

Chin Jin: We should remember that the CCP is a totalitarian regime. If Communist Party members show their distrust in Xi’s presidency, they can be killed. Regardless of what they feel inside, they must show their obedience to Xi Jinping. They have to pretend to be loyal to Xi Jinping. Therefore, it is difficult to overthrow the CCP solely from within. We need pressure from foreign forces.

If President Trump is re-elected and defeats the CCP, Xi Jinping will take the same path as other dictators like Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan authoritarian dictator.

Although he owned a bunch of loyal subordinates, it becomes clear to all that the regime will collapse without a doubt once the regime suffers external attacks, whether they be political, economic or even military attacks — his subordinates scattered as the Chinese saying goes: “When the tree fell down, monkeys scatter”. Xi Jinping will follow the footstep of Chongzhen Emperor of the Ming dynasty (He had only one subordinate in his final moment.).

Since the inauguration of President Trump, I noticed the striking shift of the U.S.’s China policy, which is pushing the CCP on the verge of downfall. Now, we’re hearing thunders before heavy rain. In the near future, we will see rain, pouring on Earth, and it will swipe out the CCP from this planet. I’m sure we will witness this historical moment.

Not One Subordinate Devoted to Xi Jinping
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