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—Searching for a True Self—




I Decided Not to Perform Sex Reassignment Surgery!

—Searching for a True Self—

Insurance has broadened in Japan to cover transgender surgery, but people around the world debate whether this should count as a medical practice. What is the path to happiness?

Starting April 2018, sex reassignment surgery, also known as gender reassignment surgery, was granted insurance coverage in Japan.

In the year that followed, approximately 40 surgeries were performed domestically in approved hospitals, but only four were given insurance coverage due to its strict conditions. People are coming up with various plans to make it easier to obtain insurance.

Since 2004, over 7,000 people have changed their gender on the census through means such as transgender surgery because they suffered from gender identity disorder, a condition in which the individual’s perceived sex and their physical sex misalign.

However, there are some who regret these choices.


Doctors Who Admit Misdiagnosis

In 2018, an individual who underwent SRS and changed their sexuality on the census filed a lawsuit in West Japan’s family court to cancel this legal change. Two psychiatrists have diagnosed them with gender identity disorder, and one of them has submitted a written opinion. The sexuality on the census was reverted after the claim was accepted which stated that “the patient was misdiagnosed due to their strong presumptions.”

Even Thailand, previously known for its frequent performance of sex reassignment surgeries, has many people who regret their transgender decisions later. Therefore, the approval of two psychiatrists became a requirement starting in 2009. However, even after thorough examinations, there are times when the individual’s sexual perception of oneself changes, so accurate diagnosis is difficult.

In the United States, it was debated whether transgender surgery should be uniformly covered by Medicaid (a medical insurance). However, as post-surgery suicide rates, death rates, and hospitalization rates from mental illnesses has gone up, this suggestion was declined due to “the lack of evidence that patients are benefitting” in 2016.

The United Kingdom’s government has announced its policy to ban transgender surgery of individuals below the age of 18 starting April of this year. Before this, it was possible to receive surgery if parental consent was given, but since surgeries for minors in the 10 years before 2018 has multiplied by 40 times, an investigation was performed. It revealed that many regret their decisions afterwards.

It is extremely important to note that it is impossible to reverse a transgender surgery. One must continue administering hormones for the rest of one’s life, and it inflicts a huge burden on the body.

Some sponsoring organizations doubt the view that a “transgender surgery is the ultimate solution to this issue.” The reality lies in the fact that nations are in search of the appropriate means to handle this conflict.


Rejection of Being Themselves

Walt Heyer, the founder of the organization Sex change regret, have received a lot of emails from transgender people who regret sex change surgery.



Walt Heyer

The founder of the organization of Sex change regret that supports who regret sex change surgery. He once had male-to-female sex change surgery, but now live as a male.

“I tell people it is impossible to change your gender/sex with surgery hormonally, biologically or spiritually no matter what you do you can only “look different” but you can’t change who you are. Family and friends need to tell them they cannot change who they are and that it is a form of self-destructive behavior.”

He was born as male. His parents’ strict discipline was almost corporal punishment. When he was four years old, his grandmother began to enjoy dressing him in female clothing. Then, his uncle came to abuse him sexually.

After growing up,he got married, but wore female clothing secretly. He defined himself as female, and at the age of 42, he disclosed that to his wife. Finally, he underwent transgender surgery. He named himself Laura. However, he was still disturbed, lost his job, divorced, and suffer from alcoholism.

Taking many cases and his own experience into accounts, he point out as follows.

“Young people who are abused “do not want to be who they are” so they attempt to destroy who they are by identifying as a transgender person.”


God’s Love Rebuild His Life

Dedicated support from a pastor was beginning for him to get relief from pain.

“Pastor Jeff keep pointing me towards Jesus Christ. The mutilation of my body was a form of suicide that was not effective in helping me have a happy healthy life.”

A Christian counselor encouraged Heyer to write down every hard experience in his whole life. After discussing each one, he and the counselor walked outside, and lit the paper on the fire in the parking lot as a symbol of being set free.

He began praying with the counselor. Then, suddenly, he saw an vision of the Jesus Christ picking up a little baby boy and cradled in his arms and then said, ‘You will be safe with me forever.’

Through these mystical experiences, he overcame his own trauma, and bring back himself as a man. By the belief in the God’s love, he recreated his life.

“Gender dysphoria is a blanket diagnosis that is not helpful in understanding the real issues, which are much deeper in the psyche. People who have Faith in Jesus Christ always recover faster and end up much happier that the individuals who reject Jesus Christ.”


Why We Are Born

As has been previously revealed, many people who desire to receive transgender surgery have undergone traumatic experiences that made them deny who they are, such as not being loved for their true selves, or being abused. Many are suspected of having a dissociative disorder.

The key in resolving these conflicts lies in the knowledge that people’s essence lies in their souls and that we are reincarnating between this world and the other world. Some transgender cases are a result of possession by spirits with the opposite gender.

In addition, spiritual investigations performed by Happy Science have revealed that it is possible for a female spirit to be born in a male body and a male spirit to be born in a female body.

Then you might ask, why are some born with such cruel conditions while others are much more privileged? How can the physical sexuality and the spiritual sexuality oppose each other? If God exists, how can one be so unfortunate? Considerable amounts of people look for answers to these questions.

Happy Science preaches that “life is a workbook of problems.” Sometimes, we choose to be born in difficult environments to overcome tasks from a previous lifetime or to better our souls. Other times, we choose to do so to gain new experiences. Even if we plan beforehand to change our genders, it is possible to have these problems carry on to our next lifetimes.

Spiritual experiences have helped many people accept life as it is. To do this, we must first realize that God’s love is always given to us, and then awaken to our hearts that lie beyond our bodies. From there, you will become free of suffering as you focus on what you can do for others.

When we understand these facts, we realize that there are many things that can be done before an individual goes through transgender surgery that damages both our bodies and our souls permanently.

When you face worries regarding your true self, please look upon religion that can save not only the physical body but the soul as well.





I Avoided Surgery Thanks to My Boyfriend

At the age of 16, a British woman started hormone treatments to change her gender, but she met her boyfriend who accepted her for who she was and caused her to confront her traumatic memory of her parents’ divorce. She was able to accept and live her life as a woman through this.


Suffering From Rejection From Her Parents

A Belgian woman died of euthanasia at the age of 44 after performing transgender surgery to become a male. She was born as the fourth child in a family of three sons and was rejected by her parents who wanted a boy. She received transgender surgery three times from her emotional scars, but ultimately gave up, expressed her emotional pain, and chose mercy killing to end her life.


Abused For Being a Woman

A 61-year-old British woman was diagnosed with gender identity disorder and performed sex reassignment surgery to become a male. However, she started to have panic attacks. Upon receiving counseling, she found out that she had PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) instead of a gender identity disorder. This woman had previously been sexually abused by her father, and recounted, “Looking back now, I had the mindset that I wouldn’t have been abused if not for my sexuality as a female.”





My Husband Announced His Intention to Live as a Female

The family of those who decide to receive transgender surgery is hugely impacted as well.

The husband of Jane Doe, a woman in her 40s, suddenly announced one day, “I will live as a woman from now on.” Jane Doe was confused since she had never found her husband to be feminine, but the husband received transgender surgery in Thailand within two years.

Both Jane Doe’s mind and body suffered from shock. She was a Happy Science member before then, but she used this opportunity to delve deeply and reflect upon her entire life.

As she revisited all her past experiences and thoughts, she realized that her personality changed in 4th grade.

“At the time, there were incidents that made me doubt whether my parents loved me, and my relationships with my teachers were making me distrustful. I always thought that I was shy and incapable of loving others, but when I was little, I was always doing something for others without even thinking about it. I realized that maybe that is my true self.”

Then, she remembered the story she heard from her husband’s mother. The husband was very active in his younger years but one time in elementary school, his personality changed completely, and he suddenly became calm. His home was like a dumpster and his parents did not have any interest in cleanliness. The husband was apparently bullied for his filthy appearance. Jane Doe also heard her husband say that he was unable to find the image of an ideal woman in his mother. She concluded that his desire to “live as a woman” may have resulted from this.

“I was also feeling that my parents didn’t love me, so I looked for unrequited love from my husband instead of my parents. Maybe my husband never felt loved for being a man,” reflected Jane Doe. Interestingly, she has not been disturbed by issues regarding her husband since then. They have not come to a solid conclusion yet but are trying to figure out how a family should be.

Opinion / I Decided Not to Perform Sex Reassignment Surgery!
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