‘Joker’ Is a Huge Success
Is Poverty a Byproduct of Society?

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‘Joker’ Becomes a Hot Topic

The “Joker” reached $988.51 million, or approximately ¥107.5 billion, at the global box office (as of Nov. 14) and became a big hit. This film became the first comic book movie to win the Golden Lion Award at the Venice Film Festival and was nominated for an Oscar in 16 major nominations.

The Joker is a fictional character who is a supervillain in Batman. “Joker” portrays the story of an aspiring stand-up comedian, Arthur Fleck, who undergoes a change to become Joker, a charismatic villain.



Is Unhappiness Caused by Society?

The film is set in Gotham City, a fictional city where crime and unemployment widen the economic disparity and leaves a segment of the population impoverished. Arthur begins to advocate violence as a solution after suffering from poverty.

The “Joker” perhaps became successful because many people sympathize with the idea that society brings people unhappiness.

In the movie, Arthur says the following: “I have never been happy for one minute of my entire life.” “If it was me dying in the street, you would walk right by.”

In the U.S., younger people are increasingly asking for financial aid and such socialist ideals are spreading.

In reality, each individual decides how to live their life. There are countless people who overcame various circumstances and learned from their adversities to live wealthy, happy lives.

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker, talk show host Oprah Winfrey, Ralph Lauren Corporation founder Ralph Lauren and former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz are some of the prominent leaders who opened their own paths and became successful despite living impoverished childhoods.

The world must shift towards a self-help mindset to open one’s own path despite hardships, instead of blaming the society for unhappiness.

‘Joker’ Is a Huge Success
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