The Guardian Spirit of Xi jinping’s Daughter Talks “The Next China”

Key points in this article:

  • Xi Jinping’s daughter Xi Mingze is the key person in creating China’s surveillance society
  • “Huawei is the People’s Liberation Army’s Intelligence sector,” says her guardian spirit
  • Human happiness lies beyond the capabilities of China’s AI technology
    Journalists and reporters around the world have wanted to interview her for a long time. Yet all of their efforts have failed. We are not even sure if the supposed photos of her are real.

    She is Xi Mingze, the only daughter of Xi Jinping the Chairman of China.


    A Spiritual Reading That Accesses Mingze’s Subconscious

    Mingze was born in 1992 to Xi Jinping and folk singer Peng Liyuan. She studied simultaneous interpreting at a university in China before entering Harvard University. Since her return to China, she is said to be involved in public relations in a government institution.

    Recent years have seen newspapers around the world reporting various things: that she is to be Xi’s strategist, that she accompanied Xi on his holidays in Africa, and that she is taking a democracy-leaning position in the public relations team.

    Mingze turns 27 this year, but as her father has finally established himself as China’s ruler for life, we can safely assume that she will be China’s next leader. Naturally, the world is curious to know what sort of person she is, and what she is thinking.

    Master Ryuho Okawa, founder and CEO of the Happy Science Group, recently recorded a spiritual reading of her by accessing her subconscious, also known as the guardian spirit. It was immediately published as a book in Japanese on the 21st, and can be considered a major historic fete.


    “Huawei Is the People’s Liberation Army’s Intelligence Sector”

    After graduating from Harvard, Mingze is said to have returned to China and is now working to strengthen a surveillance society with the use of AI technology, and is said to be a leader in their cyber revolution.

    China has been using surveillance cameras and facial recognition software in Hong Kong where they are watching the protests, and rumors are spreading that China plans to track and purge protesters when the time is ripe.

    Mingze’s guardian spirit appeared with the composed air of a mogul, revealed that she dreams of gaining control over Hong Kong and Taiwan. Her current task is to see “how far we can gain control over individuals using AI.”

    “It’s true. China is becoming an advanced surveillance society . . . The People’s Liberation Army has influence over Huawei, so really those office workers are actually a part of the Liberation Army Intelligence Sector.”

    In the spiritual interview, Mingze’s guardian spirit also spoke about her father’s vision for the future of the UN, a frightful future for Japan, and the future of Asia and Africa. She showed the beginnings of a tyrant just like her father – if not worse.


    Human Happiness Lies Beyond the Capabilities of China’s AI Technology

    One striking moment in the spiritual interview was when Mingze’s guardian spirit admitted that China’s AI technology was powerless in analyzing Master Ryuho Okawa.

    There is a reason why AI and materialistic values cannot be used to analyze Master Okawa.

    Master Okawa’s teachings are an expression of the desire for all people to awaken to the happiness that is common to both this world and the next. It is not about fighting for the sake of individual gain or national interests. It is about how we can create a world where every person can be truly happy. This is what Master Okawa desires.

    The happiness of the 1.4 billion people in China cannot come about through AI analysis. It can only come about when the nation’s leader makes the effort to desire what God desires.

    The spiritual interview also covered the following points:

    • The future of Hong Kong’s democracy leaders Joshua Wong and Agnes Chow
    • The weaknesses of Xi Jinping and Mingze
    • What the Chinese Army intends to do with Taiwan
    • The true reason why they want to popularize electronic money
    • What they want to export to Asia and Africa
    • Opinions on Falun Gong and other religions
    • Why they want to avoid conflict with Japan
    • Her “objection” to Korean unification
    • What China aims to do by 2030-35
    The Guardian Spirit of Xi jinping’s Daughter Talks “The Next China”
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