How to Evaluate Medical Services
World Teacher's Message No.268


The Question:

I’m a physician who owns a private practice, and I want to create a special medical area in large cities like Osaka and Kobe. In it, I want to introduce the latest medical technology – such as regenerative medicine – and medical practices that incorporate religion. And I want to invite wealthy people from all around the world.

(20 April 2014 at Happy Science, Osaka Shoshinkan)


So, you own a private practice and want to invite wealthy people from around the world. It would be great if you can work hard to do so. Happy Science has a very broad scope compared to other religions, so I think we have more to offer.

You could say that Islam in the Middle Ages fused science and religion, but now they oppose science. Their religion is still stuck in the past. Islam declares that all of the answers are in the Qur’an, so try as they might, they find it difficult to coexist alongside science.

Similarly the history of Christianity after the Middle Ages has been a history of the church drifting away from science.

Happy Science is a religion that allows scientific advancement, and economic and managerial progress. It is a religion that has potential to spread into the future, and it’s very well constructed in that sense.

So while some religions deny the medical sciences, Happy Science does not say that success and progress in medicine is a bad thing at all. In fact we think it would be great if we can supplement each other.


A Doctor With an Understanding of the Truth

Humans are not entirely physical entities, so of course your mentality can bring about different effects on the body. But these effects are not just caused by your mentality. You can get sick if you don’t take nutrients or exercise. So you have to take care of both sides.

Medical studies consist of purely materialistic concerns, so it would be great to have more scientists and doctors who have an understanding of spiritual and religious matters. That way, curing illnesses could become easier, doctors would become more popular, and wealthy people from around the world will gather around you.

People generally know which hospitals are better at curing illnesses. The more financially affluent people go to many places, and do research on what institutions have higher rates of success, and/or better services.

If you keep thinking, “I want wealthy people to gather from all around the world” it will gradually come about.


Hospitals Should Also Have a Mind for Management

I don’t know if this applies to your clinic, but in general, hospitals don’t have much of a mind for management. A lot of places don’t differentiate between patients and prisoners. What I mean is that once the hospital gets a patient, they treat the patient much like a prisoner. It’s like they arrest them and place them completely under their authority.

But you have to remember that patients are humans who have different emotions and they each feel things differently. So you actually need services on many different levels. Hotels, for example, put lots of work into that. I know that hospitals are different to hotels, but it’s true that you need to make effort in management to a certain extent.

If Happy Science University creates a medical faculty in the future, it will have to educate the students on how to become practitioners with a mind for management. They will need to have a mindset that avoids mismanagement once they establish their own practice.

In the end, though, the situation depends on each person. As long as the person at the top can think like a manager, the hospital will run well.

You have to watch out not to become like those people who become arrogant only because the patient has no other doctor to choose from. Unfortunately, this phenomenon has entered the world of medical practice.

Once we enter an age where patients can choose their doctors, the doctors will have to think more about how to ease their suffering and bring them comfort.

Hard work always pays off. Of course, you have to study more about your specialized field, but you should study other things too, and develop a practice that outperforms others. That’s the path to success.

I pray that one day, wealthy people from Dubai will come to your clinic for treatment. Work hard!

How to Evaluate Medical Services
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