PM Abe Is Being Used By China
Abe's Souvenirs Will Give China An Advantage

Key points in this article:

  • Xi Jinping’s guardian spirit doesn’t understand the concept of human rights
  • Once their economy surpasses the U.S. economy, China will start invading other countries including Japan
  • A strategy to contain China must become Japan’s key diplomatic pillar

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is scheduled to visit Beijing to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping to confirm their intentions to improve state relations.

Japan’s “souvenir” for China is worth noting. During his visit PM Abe intends to recommence the central bank currency swap, a system that allows Japan’s central bank to provide liquid Japanese yen to China. It is a strategy to prevent the Chinese Yuan from collapsing. China is increasing its money supply backed by its dollar reserves, and is using that money to develop its “One Belt, One Road” economic strategy and to modernize its military.

But recently there has been a capital flight from China. Since China hasn’t signed a currency swap agreement with any other country, if it runs out of foreign reserves the Yuan might collapse. This economic chaos would bring the regime crashing to the ground. An offer to sign a currency swap agreement is something that they desperately need.

PM Abe has always been cautious of the “One Belt, One Road” strategy, but recently changed his opinion. Referring to the “Free and Open Indo-Pacific Strategy”, he said that it is a bad idea to uphold opinions that conflict with the Belt Road Initiative.

Under the “One Belt, One Road” strategy China will absorb nearby countries into the Chinese economic zone and will eventually assume political and military control over them. China’s grand plan is to invite as many countries as possible to join the Belt and Road.

China is now approaching Japan because it has realized that it is economically vulnerable against the U.S. tariffs. It is trying to gain headway by improving relations and gaining support from Japan.

In other words, the Abe administration is about to punch a hole in the Trump’s China encirclement network.

But is it really a wise idea to give China a helping hand?

On the 17th of October Master Ryuho Okawa, founder and CEO of happy Science, recorded a spiritual message from Xi Jinping’s guardian spirit. The spirit disclosed some terrifying ideas and ambitions.


“Xi Jinping Is God”

First, let’s look at his views on religion and human rights. Currently there are 1-2 million Uyghurs being detained in the “reeducation camps” in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in China. British and American newspapers often compare the scheme to the Nazi concentration camps. “How we deal with our people is a matter of national sovereignty,” stated Xi Jinping’s guardian spirit. “We are ‘brain washing’ these God-believing people.”

According to the guardian spirit, people who believe in God are brain washed. If there is to be any God at all, it has to be Xi Jinping, he said.

A recent headline on China’s religion problem is the Vatican’s agreement to give China the right to ordain bishops. On this, Xi’s guardian spirit commented that Chinese Christians were better off when they didn’t have the right to ordain bishops.

“Of course the Party is greater than Jesus Christ,” he said. “The Communist Party is our Messiah,” so if the Vatican doesn’t succumb to Chinese Communism “I think I’ll kill 100 million Christians.”


“What’s Wrong With Taking Organs From the Dead?”

When asked about China’s organ harvesting program, the guardian spirit seemed puzzled. “What human rights? In China political and ideological criminals are put to death. It means that once the sentence is passed the criminals are ‘as good as dead’. They are walking corpses, so what’s wrong with taking their organs?” He also mentioned that he extracts organs from famous people, leaders and ideologically “stubborn” people as a warning to others.

China conducts 60,000 to 100,000 organ transplants per year, and the organs mostly come from Falun Gong practitioners, Uighurs, Tibetans and House Church members.

While the U.S. has an organ waiting list that takes around 2 to 3 years, in China it is a mere 1 to 2 weeks, and in some cases organs are made available within hours. It is because they have an ‘on demand system’ where they can kill a victim as soon as an order comes through.

“It’s a good business,” boasted Xi’s guardian spirit. It is clear that China is a country that doesn’t hesitate to persecute religious people and make money by detaining them and selling their organs.

Once China’s Economy Surpasses the U.S. Economy, It Will Invade Other Countries including Japan

Xi’s guardian spirit made no attempt to hide his terrifying ambitions.

The spirit predicted that the U.S.-China balance would soon collapse. “When we surpass America’s economic power, we will enter an age where China becomes the absolute superpower. We will show the world our immense authority and we will colonize any country that doesn’t obey. We will use military control.” The end goal of his hunger for power is world domination.

He also explained two strategies for invading Japan. One is an ideological approach: to manipulate public opinion through the opposition party, leftist media, pacifist groups, celebrities and other famous people. The other is aggressive military invasion.


“Those Who Rule Space Will Win”

His ambitions extend into space.

“What comes after nuclear warfare will be space warfare, so those who rule space will win and become the rulers of Earth,” said the guardian spirit, indicating his awareness that the final battle will happen in outer space.

If artificial satellites are damaged during a space war, it will affect TVs, smartphones and the Internet, and it will cause power failures in the financial markets and power plants. China is developing a weapon that can target artificial satellites from the ground, and also a laser weapon that can target the ground from up in space.

China’s strategic plan “Made in China 2025,” states that its aim is to dominate the world in the space industry by 2025. China has gone as far as to steal technology from the U.S. and Germany to meet this goal.


Japan’s Strategy Should Be a Counter-China Network

PM Abe is trying to free Japan’s economic dependence on China by strengthening ties with them and securing short-term economic growth. But he must realize that he is dealing with a Devil that feels no remorse after killing 100 million Christians and several million Muslims.

If Japan strengthens economic relations with China, China will only use it to increase their economic and military power, and eventually repay Japan by invading them.

Since ancient times politicians have been burdened with the responsibility of determining good from evil. Making peace with Evil is the same as bowing down to it. The only ‘peace’ that will come after that is serfdom.

As China’s oppressive atrocities against Christians, Uighurs and Tibetan have gradually become apparent, a hardline stance against China has become the established norm in the U.S. The U.S. interprets the Beijing government’s moves to be a declaration of war against countries that uphold religious freedoms. The global community is clearly looking like “totalitarianism versus the civilization of freedom.”

Japan now needs to maintain strong willpower to protect the values of freedom, democracy and faith, and to complete the counter-China encirclement network made up of countries that endorse faith in God.

In fact, we should expect PM Abe to mention the topic of human rights and religious freedom, which is supposedly guaranteed in China’s constitution. Let us hope that this visit doesn’t go down in history as the moment Japan brought a souvenir to glorify the Devil.

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  • What is happening inside China’s secret military base?
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PM Abe Is Being Used By China
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