Taiwan Installs Comfort Woman Statue
China's Communist Party's Strategy for Taiwan's Annexation

Photo: A replica of comfort women statue on a truck bed is running in Taipei city.

China is using the comfort women problem to advance their annexation of Taiwan.

In August, Taiwan installed its first Comfort Woman Statue on property belonging to the Kuomintang branch in Tainan. The epitaph on the statue claims that the Japanese Imperial Army forced the subjection of 200,000 to 400,000 comfort women. The Kuomintang also drove around a replica of the statue on a truck to appeal to the public.

This move is a prelude to the unified local elections scheduled for November, aimed at fueling the voters’ anti-Japanese sentiments. At the unveiling ceremony, former Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou heavily criticized the Democratic Progressive Party for not demanding an apology and reparations from the Japanese government.


Strategy for Taiwan’s Annexation

This, however, is not just Taiwan’s domestic issue. The Comfort Woman Statues are a tool used in places that want to strain China-Japan relations. Chinese organizations are behind all of the plans to erect comfort woman statues around the world including South Korea, the U.S. (California and San Francisco), Australia, and the Philippines.

Again the Communist Party of China was behind Taiwan’s statue.

It is China’s favorite method to fuel opposition against another country to isolate it and justify annexation. This is what they did when they annexed Tibet. They built anti-U.S. sentiments in Tibet and invaded them promising to ‘protect them from the American empire.’ And so with Xinjiang Uyghur, they stationed troops in the area promising to ‘protect the Uyghurs from the Kuomintang’.


Freedom Democracy and Faith a Far Off Dream

Erecting the comfort woman statue in Taiwan means creating a split between Taiwan and Japan, Asia’s greatest democratic country. It will speed up the Communist Party’s colonization of Taiwan. Distancing the people of Taiwan from the values of freedom and democracy, and bringing them under the materialist rule of China, will distance them further from religious faith – the most important value for mankind.

In the name of historical truth, and in the name of happiness for the people of Taiwan, the Japanese government must vociferously demand the removal of comfort woman statues.

Taiwan Installs Comfort Woman Statue
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