Dissolution Is The Best Decision for Trump
Trump-Kim Summit on 12 June

The whole world watches to see if Trump will “win” the Trump-Kim Summit planned for 12 June.

Last year the Trump administration continued to intensify economic and military pressure on North Korea, but recently they have been hinting at the possibility of preserving the Kim Regime and providing financial support. Conservative politicians and media have been anxious that perhaps Kim Jong-un is manipulating Trump.

The outcome of this summit will decide the fate of the whole of the Asian continent. It is all up to Trump’s decision. Let us look at 4 possible outcomes.


1. Agreeing to Gradual Denuclearization

Trump will lose if he agrees to North Korea’s proposed “gradual” abandonment of nuclear weapons and missiles. It will mean a repetition of what happened in the 1990’s and 2000’s: an appeasement that will just buy them time to continue nuclear and missile development. Economic sanctions will be loosened and the Kim Regime will be protected.

This will happen if Trump rushes for results for his midterm elections and fails to stick to his guns in the negotiations. It will be similar to Franklin D. Roosevelt’s failure. During WWII, despite his failing health, the U.S. President met with Soviet leader Joseph Stalin, and ended up letting Poland fall into the hands of the Communists.

Trump may let North Korea keep their short and midrange ballistic missiles (that can reach Japan) and maybe their chemical weapons. It will then mean destruction for Asia’s greatest hope, Japan. Japan must then embrace nuclear weapons for defense against North Korean weapons.


2. Making Kim Accept Complete Denuclearization

U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton’s idea of the “Libya model” of denuclearization will, on the other hand, mean victory for Trump.

The Libya model is when the U.S. makes a formal inspection of North Korea’s nuclear facilities and transports all equipment and technology outside of the country just like they did in Libya in 2003-04. This is what complete inspectable denuclearization is, and Kim will never agree to it.

The situation changes dramatically if the U.S. agrees to the plans set between Kim and South Korean President Moon Jae-in on a joint declaration to formally end the Korean War. This will call for a revision of the U.S.-South Korea alliance, and more specifically, it will require the withdrawal of U.S. troops from the Korean Peninsula.

Kim’s idea of denuclearization is to embrace it for the purpose of driving out the U.S. troops from the Peninsula. Kim may then accept the Libya model because he will still gain something through denuclearization. The South Korean administration is also intent on achieving a historic reunification of Korea, and will probably agree to the withdrawal of U.S. troops for that purpose.

This is Kim’s plan to lose the battle and win the war. It would also mean Trump’s defeat, although he may not realize this until much later.


The Same Crisis As The Russo-Japanese Wars

Xi Jinping also desires the withdrawal of U.S. troops from the Peninsula. Kim has met Xi twice – once in April and once in May – and is now in a position where he is waiting for orders from Xi. So, in actual fact, the Trump-Kim Summit in June is more like a Trump-Xi Summit.

If the U.S. troops leave the Peninsula, both North and South Korea will be under China’s power. The situation then can be likened to a moment in the Korean War when the Northern army cornered the U.S. in Bunan, a city in the southern part of the Peninsula.

It will place Japan at the military front right up against China and North Korea. We are reminded of the occasions in history where Japan faced the crisis of national destruction, such as Japan’s invasion of Mongolia and the Russo-Japanese Wars. It will require Japan to radically reinforce national defense over a short period of time in order to counter North Korea’s ballistic missiles.

If Trump negotiates in this direction, Japan may get back their abducted citizens, but they will eventually lose something greater.

We won’t know Trump’s decision until the very end, but there is a likelihood of him advancing the Libya model in exchange for the withdrawal of U.S. troops.


Communism Only Breeds Unhappiness

How can Trump, then, make a decision akin to God?

In his speech to the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea, he said North Korea “is a hell that no person deserves”. Indeed, North Korea is committing the worst human rights oppression in the world: 25 million citizens have been thrown into prison. China, who is backing them, is getting close with their surveillance and oppression. “Wherever true socialism or communism has been adopted, it has delivered anguish and devastation and failure,” Trump told the U.N. in September 2017. That’s how much he hates communism.

Trump strongly believes that this evil system, that ignores human rights and creates atheistic states, must be removed from this planet. Trump can make a decision akin to God as long as he sticks to this principle.


Destroying the Evil System

A historic politician who destroyed another such evil system was a man filled with determination.

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill realized very early on that Hitler was a “bloodthirsty guttersnipe” and demanded Britain to abandon their appeasement policy and quickly strengthen defense. He was elected Prime Minister before the Nazi’s invaded Britain, and pulled the U.S. and USSR into the anti-Nazi war.

Although it cost many British lives, they brought an end to Nazi Germany. Churchill’s history can show us how a political leader can destroy evil by 1) realizing where evil lies; 2) preparing for battle; 3) creating an encirclement network; and 4) fighting in the name of justice despite the costs.

U.S. President Ronald Reagan, who ended the Cold War and brought about the dissolution of the USSR, did the same thing. He declared the USSR an Evil Empire; set up an economic war alongside the expansion of the U.S. military; created a U.S.-Britain-Germany-Japan encirclement; and tightened his grip on the USSR economy despite increasing U.S. government deficits. That brought down the USSR.

In WWII, Japan brought an end to state-level racism in their battle against the West. The leaders of Japan decided that the West had “persisted in invading and exploiting the Asian peoples” (Greater East Asia War Declaration) and stood up to resist it. Despite their defeat, their justice towards wiping out state-level racism from the world was nonetheless unwavering.


3. Reinforcing Sanctions for a Bloodless Dissolution

Can Trump bring down the North Korean devil?

Trump has already cleared the first condition by likening him to hell. But if Kim plans on removing the U.S. troops from the Peninsula, it will be best for Trump to end negotiations and immediately reassume the line of reinforcing economic sanctions.

It is important that Trump doesn’t relent until Kim genuinely chooses to release his people from oppression and decides to defect. This gives rise to the possibility of a coup. Then the U.S. can just do to North Korea what they did to Japan after WWII: confiscate their arms and prohibit their war rights. Only then can we rest assured that we have succeeded in a bloodless dissolution of the Regime.


4. Destroying The Regime With Firepower

If Kim does not show a genuine change of heart, Trump may have to shift from economic sanctions to military sanctions. We will need to destroy all of North Korea’s military facilities and especially those anti-aircraft missiles near the Military Demarcation Line so they can’t counterattack.

Simulations by the U.S. administration suggest that this is perfectly possible, and if war finally breaks out it will end very quickly.

There is an additional problem that China may dispatch their ground forces to take possession of North Korean territory after it’s destruction, but that is another matter. Once he brings the North Korean Regime to the ground, Trump can rest assured that he has secured one victory.

So, in the end the best outcome for the Trump-Kim Summit is for negotiations to end in rupture.


Trump’s Decision Depends On Japan

Japan cannot sit idly by and watch while Trump exorcises the devil alone.

Japan has lost that spirit of noblesse oblige from the WWII period. None of the politicians can clear the conditions for destroying evil. They: 1) aren’t criticizing the North Korean Regime for its evils; 2) are not preparing defense measures against nuclear weapons; 3) show reluctance for the encirclement plan; 4) show no willingness to sacrifice for the greater good.

They are no longer the same people who fought against racism seven decades ago.

The greatest potential victim of the North Korean crisis is Japan. Only when they finally rekindle the spirit of bushido can they encourage Trump make the right decision.

Dissolution Is The Best Decision for Trump
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