Will Kim Jong-un Denuclearize?
How Trump Can Win

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There is movement towards a dangerous friendship on the Korean Peninsula.

North Korea successfully used the Pyeongchang Olympics to get closer to South Korea. U.S. President Donald Trump has announced his intention to accept Kim Jong-un’s offer of talks, which are to take place before the end of May. If the talks go ahead, it will be the first time in history that talks have been held between the U.S. and North Korea.

There are, however, two notable events that will take place before this. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is scheduled to visit the U.S. in early April to meet with Trump, and the leaders of North and South Korea have talks planned for late April.


The Mirage of Peace Through Korean Reunification

With talks scheduled between the two Koreas, they will undoubtedly begin maneuvering to keep up their charade of friendship.

Already, North Korea has shown a supposed willingness to denuclearize by vowing to freeze its nuclear and missile experiments. South Korean officials have also expressed their understanding that they may have to sign an end-of-war declaration with North Korea and enter into a peace treaty after the talks.

Some critics in Japan have voiced their support for this move. “If the U.S. strikes North Korea and war breaks out . . . Japan may be caught in the midst of it with millions of victims,” says military journalist Junji Taoka. “We shouldn’t criticize President Moon, we should thank him instead”.

Moon and Kim’s plan for peace in Korea, however, will further increase the tension in East Asia. The two points are ‘nuclear weapons’ and ‘anti-Japan’.

Moon was an advisor to Roh Moo-hyun when he was President of South Korea. Roh was an infamously pro-North president who asserted that “North Korea’s nukes serve the purpose of defense against the U.S. and they are not for offensive purposes. They have them to ensure peace”.

Additionally, Moon has strong anti-Japan sentiments. On the Comfort Women Agreement he commented, “Japan is the offender, and therefore they have no right to say that the problem is finished”.


What, then, is Moon trying to do?

Master Ryuho Okawa, founder and CEO of Happy Science, recorded spiritual messages from the guardian spirits of Moon and Kim on the 8th of March.

“If I gain control over North Korea’s nuclear missiles as the President of a Reunified Korea, I’ll have nothing to fear,” Moon’s guardian spirit said in the interview. “Then we can force the U.S. to withdraw their troops and we will be free to control Japan . . . We need Japan to be our enemy for us to achieve reunification”.


North Korea Has No Intention of Abandoning Its Nukes

It would be foolish to believe North Korea’s vow of denuclearization.

Back in 1994 when the U.S. was prepared to strike North Korea, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter visited North Korea for talks with Kim Il-sung. North Korea agreed to freeze its nuclear development program, but then continued it underground anyway.

In 2000 when South Korean President Kim Dae-jung met with Kim Jong-il in Pyongyang, the international community expected them to finally come to a harmonious agreement.

Immediately after this meeting, U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright visited North Korea to talk with Kim Jong-il. Albright was completely fooled into thinking that Kim Jong-il was prepared to compromise his military advancement in exchange for economic support and a guarantee of security.

At the Six-Party Talks in 2005, North Korea again agreed to halt its nuclear developments. They conducted their first nuclear test the next year.

When asked about abandoning nuclear developments in the spiritual interview, Kim Jong-un’s guardian spirit laughed it off saying, “As if I’ll do that!” He explained that his plan was to make everything look peaceful so as not give the U.S. a reason to strike. “War won’t break out as long as we stay within the bounds of diplomacy,” he added.

He also mentioned Japan’s “Original Sin”, commenting that “it is the job of North and South Korea to blame Japan for this Original Sin”. “We will take South Korea, and after taking South Korea, together we will take Japan. That’s our general theory”.

If Korea reunifies now and U.S. troops withdraw from South Korea, they will continue to hold an anti-Japan view of history. And, united, they will proceed to destroy Japan with their nuclear weapons.


Trump’s Path

North Korean nuclear missiles are also a deadly threat to the U.S.

Specialists say that North Korea will complete an ICBM that can reach the U.S. mainland within a few months. Another threat is the SLBM that can be launched from underwater.

North Korea analysis site, 38 North, reported in October 2017 that North Korea is in the process of constructing a submarine that can launch SLBMs continuously. When they are ready to use it, North Korea will be able to launch missiles into the U.S. from anywhere in the ocean. That will be beyond the U.S.’s capacity to defend.

The international community has constantly been fooled by North Korea, but we mustn’t be fooled this time. Trump’s scheduled talks with North Korea should not just be to establish harmony, but should be used as an opportunity to look into Kim’s true intentions. From there he can decide whether to increase pressure on North Korea to enforce a bloodless surrender, or resort to the military option.

After the spiritual interview, Master Okawa made the following comment:

“We’d like Mr. Trump to make a God-like decision . . . This year we are sure to face the leftist media continuing to push for ‘peace through talks’, but what I can say is that North Korea will collapse in the end.”

What the international community needs to do now is join together and bring an end to the North Korean regime and emancipate its citizens who are being treated like slaves.

North Korea’s missiles should be taken into the custody of the UN, or the U.S. along with other democratic powers, to eventually aim for a complete abolition of nuclear weapons.

Will Kim Jong-un Denuclearize?
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