Tillerson Fired and Pompeo to Replace Him as U.S. Secretary of State
North Korea's Denuclearization

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Key points in this article:

  • President Trump has fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and nominated Mike Pompeo to replace him
  • Pompeo has hinted at a plan to overturn the Kim Regime
  • Japan should push for a denuclearized North Korea so the Trump administration doesn’t opt for a compromise

The news has spread that U.S. President Donald Trump fired his Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, in order to replace him with the current Director of the CIA, Mike Pompeo.

It is true that Trump and Tillerson had radically different diplomatic visions. An example of this is with the North Korea problem. While Trump focused on applying maximum pressure, Tillerson pressed for diplomatic talks as a solution.

Pompeo, on the other hand, is a hardline conservative who prefers a hard-line stance towards China and North Korea. Trump even noted that they are always on the same wavelength.

There are talks planned between U.S. and South Korean leaders in May. Knowing that Tillerson would give North Korea the upper hand, Trump has displayed his will to keep firm against the Kim Regime and urge them to abandon their nukes by positioning Pompeo as the new Secretary of State.


Overturning the Regime to Force Them to Give Up Nukes

CIA director Pompeo has placed top priority on the North Korea problem and established the Korea Mission Center to analyze and report to Trump any information on North Korea.

He told the Washington Times in July 2017 that he is arranging intelligence strikes in preparation for when diplomatic solutions fail against North Korea.

Elsewhere he said, “We’re taking the real-world actions that we think will make [it] unmistakable to Kim Jong Un that we are intent on denuclearization.”

“They [North Korea] are close enough now in their capabilities that from a U.S. policy perspective we ought to behave as if we are on the cusp of them achieving [their objective]” he warned, talking about North Korea’s nuclear capabilities.

Tsutomu Nishioka, professor at Tokyo Christian University, said however that, “There is a possibility that they would play the ‘denuclearization card’ as a condition for the U.S. to conclude a peace treaty with South Korea demanding the withdrawal of U.S. troops from the Peninsula. The Moon administration may approve. There is a danger that the Trump administration may agree to this for the sake of freedom in the Korean Peninsula”.

Trump is trying to avoid the military option as much as possible, and may agree to a compromise. We must keep our fingers crossed for the talks in May.


Japan Must Urge the U.S.

Master Ryuho Okawa, founder and CEO of Happy Science, summoned the guardian spirits of South Korea President Moon and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un to determine their true thoughts on this issue. Kim’s guardian spirit showed no intention of abandoning his nuclear weapons and seemed to be plotting a way to not give Trump a reason to take the military option. He will wait until Trump’s term is over, and in the meantime negotiate compromises and assistance.

“North Korea will collapse in the end”, Master Okawa said in his commentary.

A guardian spirit’s opinions are most often a perfect reflection of the living person’s true thoughts. Considering this, it is unlikely that negotiations will bring North Korea to denuclearization. For Asia, this would mean shivering under North Korea’s nuclear threat until the end of time. Denuclearization can only be achieved if we can overturn the Regime.

Pompeo’s taking office as Secratary of State is a good thing for Asia. Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ought to approach Trump in the coming April talks to encourage the U.S. to fulfil the role of world police, and not agree to a compromise until North Korea is denuclearized.

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Tillerson Fired and Pompeo to Replace Him as U.S. Secretary of State
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