Billionaire Guo Wengui Discloses Pressure From Beijing Government

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Key points in this article:

  • The Beijing government issued a threat against real estate billionaire Guo Wengui
  • Chinese spies have infiltrated the U.S. government
  • Even the Beijing government cannot extinguish the freedom granted to humans by God

Guo Wengui, an ardent critic of China’s corrupt politics, met four officials from China’s Ministry of State Security (China’s CIA), the Wall Street Journal reported. The outcome of their talks revealed a shocking truth.


Guo Wengui: A Man That Beijing Fears

Before going into the details of their meeting, it is worth going over who Guo Wengui is.

Guo is a real estate billionaire who continues to leak scandals related to Communist Party officials currently in self-imposed exile in the U.S. The scandals he leaks are potent: how Wang Qishan, secretary of China’s anti-corruption body, was pocketing money through Hainan Airlines; or how Jiang Zemin’s son sacrificed 5 lives for his organ transplant.

Since some of his stories are bogus newspapers around the world tend to ignore them, but Chinese officials fear his access to the people through Twitter. Many people in China have found a way to bypass the censorship to read Guo’s posts.

“Not a day goes by without my seeing his tweets”, says a follower. Guo Wengui is fast becoming iconized.

Guo has been living in the U.S. since 2014 in self-imposed exile. He became a billionaire back in the 1990s when people could become wealthy by buying land through government connections. He left China when he heard that a friend working as a government authority was about to be arrested as part of an anti-corruption campaign.

He was ranked the 74th wealthiest person in China, his net worth being estimated at around US$2.6 billion. He has a budget of US$150 million set aside for his battle against the Beijing government, including advertising costs and lawsuit expenses. His desire seems to be to initiate a revolution in China.


Threats From Beijing

The talks recently reported by the Wall Street Journal took place inside Guo’s New Yrok apartment in May. Guo accepted on the condition that Beijing authorities will allow a reunion with his wife who is still in China. The authorities were there to represent the Beijing government, and proposed that if Guo ceases his activism and returns to Mainland China the government will release his frozen assets and guarantee the safety of his family.

The authorities are said to have added, “You can’t continue this [activism] forever. We’re worried about your safety”. This was a clear threat. The authorities brought up Guo’s family and company workers, and threatened their safety if Guo does not stop leaking scandalous information.


Chinese Spies in the U.S. Government

U.S. President Donald Trump has actually almost exiled Guo from the U.S.

One day Trump received a letter from casino billionaire and finance chairman of the RNC, Steve Wynn, recommending the exile of Guo Wengui. Trump’s aides, however, advised Trump to keep Guo in the U.S. to use in dealings with Beijing, and Trump has so far decided to do that.

Wynn owns casinos in LA and Macau, the latter requiring a business permit from the Beijing government. According to the WSJ, Wynn’s letter to Trump was actually from the Beijing government.

We cannot underestimate Beijing’s influence on U.S. government institutions. It is reported that, when the Chinese State Security officials entered the U.S. to meet Guo, they entered without a visa. This being illegal, the Department of Justice took the officials into custody, but the Department of State, wanting to keep things low key, ordered the FBI to release them.

The Beijing government has declared that it is legal for China’s agents to enter the U.S. to do their job. Their excuse is that the U.S. CIA has been doing exactly that in other countries. Among Guo’s leaks was a Beijing government document detailing the infiltration of Chinese spies in the U.S. to stop Guo and other Chinese human rights activists. (Beijing, of course, has denied the validity of the document.)


Guo Cancels Lectures Due to Pressure From Beijing

Guo’s lecture planned for 4 October at the Hudson Institute was cancelled due to cyber attacks and pressure from the Chinese Embassy. His interview with Voice of America was cut off halfway through. Despite the circumstances, however, Guo maintains that no one can stop him.

The following is a passage from his interview with Japan’s Asahi Shimbun in May:

“I am a businessman. If they catch me they will treat me like a traitor. People will say that I’m evil, and no one will believe me any more. In China the only media that has a voice belongs to the Communist party. Over a billion of people never get a say, and they have to listen to what the government wants to say. They don’t even have access to overseas internet networks. Don’t you think they are pitiable? I come from the poor district, the grassroots. The authorities think we’re pig to fatten up and kill.”

Xi Jinping will continue to tighten internet censorship. His intention was stated in his book of quotes published to coincide with the 19th National Congress. “The internet is the main battlefield for public opinion”, he claimed, disclosing his intention to reduce China’s already limited freedom of speech.

As Guo says, however, it is absurd that over a billion out of 1.4 billion people do not have the freedom to express their opinions. Xi Jinping must realize this fact.


Freedom Comes From God

Master Ryuho Okawa, founder and CEO of Happy Science, criticized the Chinese Communist Party in his December 2012 lecture “On World Justice”.

“National interest does not mean the interests of the bureaucracy but refers to the happiness of the people living in the country. National interest means protecting the happiness of the people who live in the country. China is currently riding a giant wave of progress, and they aim to be the world’s No. 1 state. This is obvious. I don’t mean to deny it either . . .

“But [becoming a superpower] comes with a condition. It is to give to the people the ‘right to know’ . . . China must give its 1.4 billion people the ‘right to knowledge’, freedom of press coverage, freedom of speech, freedom of association, and freedom of publication.”

A government that deprives its people of the right to knowledge, freedom of speech and freedom in general, for the purpose of erasing disadvantageous ideas and criticisms of the state, is a government that makes slaves out of its people.

Xi Jinping’s internet firewall is the modern-day Great Wall of China that continues to oppress the people. This firewall, however, will always have a weakness. As democracy activist Liu Xiaobo said, “No matter how strong may seem the powers that deprive us of freedom, in the end they are mere phantoms built upon the rotten part of human nature.”

The Beijing government is trying to eradicate another democracy activist, but they cannot erase the freedom in the hearts of the 1.4 billion people in China. Freedom comes from God, and we were given it at birth.

Guo Wengui is the spiritual successor to Liu Xiaobo, and if the West cooperates with him it will bring an end to the Communist Party of China, and Xi Jinping will be its final and fallen emperor.

Billionaire Guo Wengui Discloses Pressure From Beijing Government
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