North Korean Nukes and Awakening to Our True Mission

Happy Science has been getting a lot of attention recently with the appointment of Japanese actress Fumika Shimizu to a position in the organisation, the film “Your Gaze” coming out in May, and Master Okawa’s Tokyo Dome lecture coming up in August.

On the 23rd of April, Master Okawa, the founder of Happy Science, gave a public lecture entitled “Living Life Profoundly” in Kochi Prefectural Gymnasium.

Master Okawa has given over 2600 lectures worldwide (including over 100 in English), and this most recent lecture was broadcast live via the Happy Science relay network to various venues around Japan.


The Question of Faith

At the beginning of his lecture, Master Okawa commented on the great depth that the Happy Science teachings have, referring to the huge number of books he has published (currently numbering over 2200). This is the product of many years of research on ‘how to live a good life’, he said.

Master Okawa addressed the question of ‘what it means to believe’ that is involved when someone is invited to join a religion:

“The difficult thing about faith is that it’s not a thing that any person can confirm at any time in any place. When you believe [in God], there will definitely come a time when you need to take a leap of faith while you are still living in this world.”


In Western Civilization, Faith Is What Differentiates People from Animals

For those who do not belong to a particular religion, belief in God can be very difficult. It might seem sensible not to believe in God, but if we look around us, we find that ‘disbelief’ actually does not make sense at all.

Master Okawa used Western civilization as an example:

“In the West, ‘faith’ is the thing that differentiates men from animals. Animals live on survival instinct: they want to protect themselves from predators, and they want to satisfy their hunger. We can clearly see that they don’t want to get eaten . . . humans need something more. All humans feel somewhere deep down that unless they can be useful for a greater purpose, their lives are meaningless.”

Everyone has experienced the urge to benefit others without receiving anything in return, such as by making money or receiving admiration.

This is a feeling that is above and beyond the materialistic worldview of physical phenomena.


“Think About the Future We Hope For”

Master Okawa also spoke about the North Korea problem:

“If protecting your own country is always justice, then China and North Korea are justified in equipping themselves with nuclear arms . . . But is this dictatorial system indifferent to genocide? Are people given freedom of speech and other rights that bring them happiness? Are people being treated like animals? We must look at these questions and think about what sort of future we hope to see.”

The Happiness Realization Party, which was established by Master Okawa in 2009, has made ‘specific preparations against North Korea and China’s military threat’ one of its key policies from the outset. The party is seeking to serve a greater purpose. It was established in response to the politicians in power who have only been looking for ways to gain votes and, as a result, have shied away from addressing the real issues that need attention.

Towards the end of his lecture, Master Okawa expressed his desire to see many people awaken to their true mission in life. He also addressed the politicians of Japan who not only refuse to acknowledge an invisible greater power but also ignore the clearly visible military threat next door. He said: “I wish for them to awaken to their true mission in life”. It was a lecture that made everyone present feel the same way.

Master Okawa also spoke about the following topics in the lecture:

  • The name of your school, company and social status is not your true identity
  • The role of Tosa Domain during the Meiji Restoration
  • The true meaning of the Great East Asia War
  • The recent spiritual messages from Kim Jong-un and Shoichi Watanabe
  • Tips on long-term survival
  • The differences forms of ‘heroism’ in Japan and China
  • The determination that leaders need

The full lecture can be viewed at your local Happy Science branch.

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North Korean Nukes and Awakening to Our True Mission
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