China’s Live Organ Harvests Are Happening Worldwide

Key points in this article:

  • The Chinese government is removing people’s organs while they are still alive
  • Transplanting organs from the brain dead is the same as taking them from living people
  • China’s atrocities need to stop and there needs to be more spiritual understanding in this area

Of the one million Chinese citizens who died last year only three people donated their organs, Chinese media has reported.

According to the article, the total number of organ donations pledged last year was 4,080, showing an annual increase. This means that 2.98 people out of every one million living citizens pledged organ donation. But this is only the official result publicized by the government.


Taking Organs from Political Prisoners, Uyghurs and Falun Gong Believers

According to a report published in June 2016 by Canadian human rights activists, China’s hospitals are removing organs from 60,000 to 100,000 prisoners every year. Many of these prisoners were Uyghurs, Tibetans, Christians and Falun Gong believers who were convicted as ‘political criminals’ by the Communist Party.

It is a gruesome story. Insiders have come out saying that organs were extracted from prisoners while they were still alive. This is the atrocity that is being withheld from the official statistics showing donors numbering three in every one million people.


Brain Dead People Still Feel Pain During Organ Removal

No one could be left in any doubt as to the criminality of removing organs from living people, but the root of the problem lies in the transplant system itself.

Modern medical practices consider brain dead people to be ‘dead’ and allow organ extraction to take place at that point. But the spiritual truth is that humans only actually die when their silver cord is broken 24 hours after the person stops breathing. Brain dead people still have their silver cord attached, and are therefore not actually ‘dead’.

With the silver cord still attached, the soul and body are still connected. Therefore, brain dead people feel pain when the scalpel cuts them and they experience fear when their organs are taken out.

Considering this spiritual truth, organ extraction from brain dead people is the same as removing organs from living people. This practice is legal in many countries around the world, which means that those countries have legalized the same type of atrocity that the Chinese government is committing.


The Truth Behind Post-Transplant Rejection

Of course, after knowing this spiritual truth, deciding to become a donor in the hope of helping others is an act of love.

But organ transplants taking place with no knowledge of this spiritual truth can prevent the donor from passing safely into the other world because of the pain and fear involved in organ extraction.

There have been many reports of rejections after the transplant, and in many cases this is because the spirit of the donor spiritually possesses the patient who received the transplant.

There is a need to stop China’s barbarous practices and spread the truth that organ extraction from brain dead people is equivalent to taking organs from the living.

China’s Live Organ Harvests Are Happening Worldwide
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