Shocking Testimony: China Made North Korea Assassinate Kim Jong-nam


Main points in this article:

  • A North Korean defector explains that China was behind the Kim Jong-nam assassination
  • Are China and North Korea planning to dominate the Korean Peninsula?
  • Japan cannot protect its people unless they strengthen defense immediately

North Korea recently launched 4 missiles simultaneously. With President Park Geun-hye’s dismissal, there is a great danger that the next South Korea administration will be pro-North Korea.

The Korean Peninsula has started to head towards disaster.

The internet opinion channel, THE FACT, reports that Kim Jong-nam’s assassination and these changes in Asia are directly related.


Defector’s Testimony on “Kim Jong-nam Assassination Plan”

THE FACT covered an original story, “The Mastermind behind Kim Jong-nam Assassination!” based on a testimony by a former worker at the North Korean Ministry of People’s Security.

“China placed Kim Jong-nam under their protection to make him the next leader of North Korea. But Kim Jong-nam began to fear for his life after the assassination of his uncle Jang Song-thaek, and wanted to defect to the U.S.” said the defector.

“If Jong-nam defected, not only would he be useless to China, he would cause great disadvantages for them. That’s why China made North Korea assassinate Jong-nam.”

According to this defector, North Korea used the prisoners in their concentration camp to conduct experiments with poisons as test samples for the Kim Jong-nam assassination.

The Liberty Magazine has previously reported a specialist’s opinion on the Kim Jong-nam assassination that “China gave North Korea the ‘green light’ to assassinate Jong-nam seeing an opportunity to drive the U.S. troops out of the Korean Peninsula”. This new report from THE FACT reveals more evidence for China’s involvement in the assassination.


China Uses North Korea as a Pawn

From this China-North Korea relationship, we begin to see China’s hidden intentions.

China is currently trying to drive the U.S. troops out of the Korean Peninsula to paint the peninsula “Red”, and it doesn’t matter if it is “China’s Red” or “North Korea’s Red”.

South Korean President Park Geun-hye was dismissed and Moon Jae-in, a strong candidate for the next president, maintains very friendly relations with North Korea. If China uses this trend to draw South Korea to their China-North Korea side, China’s influence in Asia will become greater still.

China thinks that the uncontrollable North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is still useful enough to serve as their shield against the U.S., Japan and South Korea.


Nuclear Armaments as a Strategy for Peace

Master Ryuho Okawa, founder of Happy Science, had long predicted this sort of situation. In February 2016, Master Okawa had declared the importance of nuclear armaments for Japan as a method of self-defense. It will need nuclear arms not to invade other countries, but as a way to stop other nuclear possessing powers from using theirs: nuclear arms as a nuclear deterrent.

If Japanese politicians are truly thinking about protecting the lives, property and safety of its people, they must seriously debate the China-North Korea situation, and make concrete preparations to counter it.

Shocking Testimony: China Made North Korea Assassinate Kim Jong-nam
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