Member of North Korean Embassy Took Part in Kim Jong-nam Killing
Spiritual Messages and the Future of North Korea

Main points in this article:

  • There are many spiritual messages available from North Korean leaders
  • Kim Jong-un’s guardian spirit commented on his fear of a Kim Jong-nam administration, and plans for assassinating Jong-nam
  • Kim Jong-un’s guardian spirit is most afraid of Russian President Vladimir Putin

The North Korean leader’s brother Kim Jong-nam was killed in Malaysia on 13th February. Investigations have revealed the possibility that the murder was a national crime plotted by North Korea. While it may take a while before the truth becomes clear, Malaysian police reported on 22nd February that the killing was related to North Korean airline company Koryo, and the second secretary at the North Korean embassy in Malaysia.

Master Ryuho Okawa, founder of Happy Science, has published 6 books containing spiritual messages from North Korean leaders. When North Korea launched their first missile in September 2009, Master Okawa recorded a spiritual message from the then leader Kim Jong-il’s guardian spirit. When Kim Jong-il died on December 2011, Master Okawa recorded a spiritual message from him, along with a spiritual message from the guardian spirit of his successor Kim Jong-un.

In February 2013, Master Okawa did a reading on the future of North Korea and a spiritual message from the first supreme leader Kim Il-sung. In April 2013 he recorded another spiritual message from Kim Jong-un’s guardian spirit, and did so again in January 2016 after North Korea successfully completed a hydrogen bomb experiment. In May of 2016, he recorded a spiritual message from Kim Il-song again.

Below is a summary of these spiritual messages, and an assessment of the future of North Korea.


Possible Assassination of Kim Jong-un and Possible Coup

What would be most interesting to know is what Kim Jong-un thought of his brother Kim Jong-nam. Jong-un’s guardian spirit spoke of his brother this way:

“A person can’t become a country leader without skill. No matter how much China protects Kim Jong-nam, it’s useless. He’s probably trying to establish a puppet government or something, but it won’t last 3 days I tell you.”

Kim Jong-un also said that there were plans to assassinate the North Korean leader.

“If I went to other countries by myself, and they capture me, my country won’t function. Other countries and terrorist groups have such evil thoughts. I have to be careful, you know.”

The spirit of Kim Il-song also disclosed his fears of Kim Jong-un being assassinated.

“What I’m most afraid of is if people try to assassinate Kim Jong-un while he’s still young. My other fear is Obama’s last resort: some surprise attack strategy. They’ll aim at him during a short moment of exposure, like they did to Osama bin Laden. These two, I’m very wary of.”

There is a high possibility that suspicion towards his brother and fears of assassination are making Kim Jong-unsuspicious of everyone.


No Intention to Stop Developing Nuclear Weapons

On the other hand, North Korea is continuing its development of nuclear weapons. In mid-February, North Korea conducted a test of a new medium-to-long-range ballistic missile called “Pukguksong-2”, which is reported to have succeeded.

“What would happen with a hydrogen bomb? What would be interesting: genocide!” said the guardian spirit of Kim Jong-un. “You must know that you can never win against a country with a hydrogen bomb.”

Kim Jong-un also expressed his intention to continue developing nuclear weapons.

The spirit of Kim Il-song warned that since North Korea is experiencing food and commodity shortages due to economic sanctions, Kim Jong-un may feel trapped and in his madness decide to attack South Korea.

“We cannot deny the danger of war breaking out. He might really do it. When the economic sanction begins to take effect, he may end everything with one surprise attack.”


North Korea Fears Russian President Vladimir Putin

But Kim Jong-un has a weakness: President Vladimir Putin of Russia.

“If we look at the world, the world ‘dictator’ is Putin . . . They possess 10 thousand nuclear missiles. If they launch those, it will be crazy. It’ll be like a herd of crazy elephants. I have to be careful of that ‘dictator’ ”

In other words, Kim Jong-un would not be happy if Japan were to join hands with Russia. Kim Il-song’s spirit was also trying to advise against a Japan-Russia alliance.

“If ‘Trump’, ‘Putin’ and ‘Japan’ form a triumvirate, North Korea will be in trouble.” “Russia made a policy mistake, so if we use this opportunity to make a ‘lone wolf’ out of Russia, North Korea still has a future . . . Japanese press haven’t realized this yet.”

The future of North Korea depends on the moves that Russia makes. The U.S. and Japan have to establish strong connections with Russia to prevent its isolation.

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Member of North Korean Embassy Took Part in Kim Jong-nam Killing
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