Happiness Begins With You


In this second of an eight part series by Ryuho Okawa, Founder and CEO of Happy Science, we explore the topic of happiness, something we all seek, but most find elusive. In today’s presentation, you will find practical methods to not only learn how to be happy, but to be and feel the true happiness of the soul.

Most importantly, we are taught that happiness begins within each one of us; it helps us grow, it diminishes and teaches us how to deal with problems. The basic factor holding us back from enjoying the freedom of happiness is attachment and an egocentric mentality. To be happy one must cultivate the mind, learn to think of others, make an effort to recognize and embrace the diversity of systems, cultures and peoples, and let go of judgment.

We must learn to practice forgiveness; avoid preconceptions and, first and foremost, believe that one has the right and duty to be happy. Believe that we are here to learn and embrace the joy of recognizing that we are all children of God/Buddha and that one of the most important and fundamental lessons of this experience as humans is to let go, and in letting go receive the gift of happiness.

Listen to this important presentation and begin to generate your happiness.


Happiness Begins With You
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