Wherein Lies The Source of Her Passion?
Mother Teresa Canonized

On the 4th of September, the Roman Catholic Church canonized Mother Teresa, who dedicated her life to missionary work in the Indian slums. Thus she is now a saint, the highest form of recognition given by the church. In 1979, Mother Teresa became a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, and continued her work with great passion until her death in 1997.

It is an exceptional case for a person to be canonized as early as 19 years after their passing.

This news was spread all over Europe, the U.S. and India. “We declare and define Blessed Teresa of Kolkata to be a saint”, Pope Francis announced to a huge crowd of people gathered at St. Peter’s Square. The scene was broadcast live to The Mother House in Kolkata, India, the place of Mother Teresa’s grave. The people present were overjoyed.


What Makes One A Saint?

By definition, a saint is someone who faithfully followed in the footsteps of Christ and perfected the practice of the teachings. The conditions of sainthood are either becoming a martyr or bringing about at least 2 miracles. Mother Teresa was canonized for having brought about 2 miracles after her death.

The first happened 1 year after her death: there was an Indian woman suffering from an abdominal tumor, and when her nursing nun prayed to Mother Teresa, the woman made a complete recovery. The second miracle was recognized by Vatican last year: the miracle that a Brazilian man with a brain tumor recovered after his family prayed to Mother Teresa back in 2008.


People Glimpsed God Behind Her Actions

Mother Teresa is now highly respected all over the world. But what is it about her that moves the hearts of so many?

The NY Times, published interviews of people who live near the Kalighat Home for the Dying, a hospice established by Mother Teresa.

According to the article, one man saw nuns retrieving maggots from a dying person’s wound and became scared, but commented: “after seeing them treated, we thought, ‘These [nuns] are gods in human bodies’.”

Another man mentioned how Mother Teresa put everything in her life aside and came to India. “A hundred years from now” he said, “when people hear about her, they will be wonder-struck that she ever existed.”


The Source of Her Passion

What, then, was the source behind the passion that made her act, through which people could catch a glimpse of God?

Master Ryuho Okawa, founder of Happy Science, called upon the spirit of Mother Teresa in August 2013 to ask her about her life-activities and views on faith. Mother Teresa spoke about her passion and life mission that moved people’s hearts around the world: “I do not know the source of my passion, but all I can say is that I am a person who was created by the Passion of God.”

People could see a glimpse of God in Mother Teresa, because all people are made from God’s passion. Being able to perform a saintly action is just a matter of whether or not we awaken to this truth.

A voice she heard on the train one day led her to dedicate almost 50 years of her remaining life to her missionary duty. This saint will continue to touch the hearts of mankind for a long time to come.

Wherein Lies The Source of Her Passion?
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