A Turning Point for ISIL
Al-Baghdadi Death Controversy

11th August, Canadian Police reported shooting down the Canadian man responsible for ISIL terrorist threat.

ISIL terrorism still continues. The next large-scale attack is said to happen in Canada, and fear grips the world.

The Coalition of the willing (under U.S. military commandments) and Russia are fiercely bombing the ISIL strongholds in Syria and Iraq. In June, news hit the world of the potential death of the ISIL leader, al-Baghdadi.

The truth remains unknown, but chances are if he were still alive, he would probably be severely injured. In July, several Middle East newspapers reported that al-Baghdadi died in Coalition of the willing bombings, along with 9 other leaders.

According to Middle Eastern web media, ISIL has already elected their next leader. Whatever the reason may be, it is highly likely that al-Baghdadi no longer holds authority over ISIL.


Spiritual Investigations to Cross-Examine Death Controversy

In April of this year, the guardian spirit of al-Baghdadi approached Master Ryuho Okawa, founder of Happy Science, to convey ISIL’s terrible conditions.

Usually when the person is alive their guardian spirit comes to Master Okawa; but with al-Baghdadi, it was unclear whether it was his guardian spirit, or if he had died and approached Master Okawa himself. This ambiguity revealed the highly likelihood of al-Baghdadi’s death, or near-death condition.

But a bigger problem still remains: even if ISIL were to collapse, there will no doubt emerge another ISIL, and another, etc.

We need to destroy this cycle of hatred. There is a dire need to resolve ISIL’s ambitions of re-drawing new borders for the Middle Eastern countries, their reason for endless terrorism, and to find a way for Islam and Christianity to coexist.

A Turning Point for ISIL
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