Hong Kong’s Government Threatens Those Who Want to Propose Full Independence


Let Us Protect Hong Kong’s Freedom and Prosperity

In Hong Kong, people are increasingly seeking full independence from China. Young activists announced the founding of the Hong Kong National Party seeking ‘national self-determination and Hong Kong independence’ in preparation for the planned parliamentary election this coming September. The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government threatened these and similar young activists saying, “Hong Kong is a part of China and its sovereignty cannot be transferred,” and that it will take legal action against advocates of full separation from China.

Chan Ho-tin, convener of the Hong Kong National Party, held a press conference on the 28th of March announcing the party’s aim to protect the interests of the Hong Kong people and the firm national awareness of Hong Kong. He demanded the abolishment of the Hong Kong Basic Law that binds Hong Kong to China, and declared the party’s goal to establish an independent Hong Kong Republic. The Chinese media wrote that the new party’s activities were maniacal and political idiocy.


Hong Kong Is Gradually “Sinosizing”

Hong Kong’s “One Country, Two Systems” is meant to signify that there are two coexisting governments (socialist China and capitalist Hong Kong) within China.

China is a socialist country, but it was agreed that the special administrative region of Hong Kong would be allowed to protect its former capitalist policies for 50 years from 1997 to 2047. There have, however, been people abducted from publishing companies for publishing a book criticizing President Xi Jinping, and China has been increasingly pressuring the Hong Kong publishing and writing industries.


Hong Kong Should Not Be Sinosized, but China Should “Hong Kongified”

If China ends up swallowing Kong Hong, and Hong Kong loses its current freedom, the Hong Kong powers that oppose China’s authority will become heavily oppressed like the people that are now in the Xinjiang Uyghur and Tibet Autonomous Regions. Hong Kong is international and open. It has prospered as an Asian financial bubble, and has gathered wealth. If Chinese socialism brainwashes this prosperity of Hong Kong, it will only add to China’s dangerous power.

In the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests, the Chinese government killed many young people who had promising futures. The 2014 Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution, however, was in the spotlight of the world media, and the Chinese government could not send out its Army. Japan, the U.S., and Taiwan must connect together and destroy China’s encirclement network in order to protect Hong Kong’s freedom.

Hong Kong’s Government Threatens Those Who Want to Propose Full Independence
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