Scientists Have Successfully Retrieved Memories in Mice with Alzheimer’s
Modern Medicine Has yet to Discover the Truth Behind Illness

A research team at RIKEN Brain Science Institute in Japan succeeded in retrieving memories in mice with Alzheimer’s disease. The results were published on the electronic edition of the Nature Journal of Science.

Susumu Tonegawa, a Japanese neuroscientist and the 1987 recipient of the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine, led the research team. The scientists placed mice in a box where the mice received electric shocks. Normal mice would learn to fear the box while the mice with Alzheimer’s did not, since they did not remember being shocked.

After testing the mice for memory disorders, the researchers shined a light onto the animals’ brains, which were mutated and engineered, affecting the neurons in the hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for storing short-term memories. This caused the mice to freeze in reaction to the box. The researchers concluded that they were able to retrieve memories that were once embedded in the mice.

Tonegawa commented that this signifies that the memories of people with Alzheimer’s are not lost, and can be retrieved.

There is a debate as to whether the failure to store new memories or the failure to retrieve old memories triggers Alzheimer’s. The results of this new research will lead to breakthroughs in the treatment and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.


Dementia Increases Throughout the World

Forms of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease, are increasing throughout the world. According to the World Alzheimer Report in 2015, people with dementia will increase from the current 46.8 million people threefold to 132 million by the year 2050. Dangers include places with aging populations such as Japan.


The Relationship Between Spiritual Possession and Alzheimer’s

It would be wonderful if the results of this study could lead to the prevention of increases in Alzheimer’s disease. The workings of the brain, however, are still shrouded in mystery.

Master Ryuho Okawa, the Founder of Happy Science, explains the spiritual reasons behind Alzheimer’s in his book, “The Healing Power”.

He says, “People are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s when they are possessed by evil spirits. Symptoms of senility start to appear, and then patients begin to lose command of their own brains.”

Humans are a combination of spiritual and physical bodies, and will live on as a spirit after the body dies. When this happens, those who did not believe in the afterlife and lived materialistically cannot return to the heavenly world, and they sometimes become evil spirits who prowl this world. These spirits possess people, living in this world, and bring about evil, which often exhibits itself in the root causes of illnesses.

While it is not exactly Alzheimer’s, evil spirits are usually in possession of the criminals who do not remember committing their crimes or who suddenly switch personalities. When their evils thoughts coincide with the vibrations of the evil spirits, there is a higher chance that the spirits will take over the criminals’ bodies.

If we take into consideration the invisible spiritual influences of illnesses and disease, we cannot really tell the exact causes. This is why spiritual knowledge will become imperative to future progress in the field of medicine.

Scientists Have Successfully Retrieved Memories in Mice with Alzheimer’s
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