A Laugh a Day Keeps the Doctor Away?

Is Laughter Really an Affective, Anti-Aging, Miracle Drug?

Research teams at both Tokyo University and Chiba University discovered that the health conditions of elderly people who don’t usually laugh were over 1.5 times worse than those who laughed a lot everyday.

The research examined over 20 thousand men and women who were over 65 years of age from all over Japan. The research team conducted a survey to see the relationship between people’s health conditions and how frequently they laugh. The results showed that, compared to those who laughed everyday, 1.54 times more men and 1.78 times more women who don’t usually laugh answered “fairly poor” or “poor” to questions about their health conditions.


Laughing Cured an Illness with a 1 in 500 Cure-Rate

Laughing has been in the spotlight in the medical world for some time. An especially famous case that comes to mind is Norman Cousins, an American political journalist in the 1990s.

When he was 50 years old, Cousins was diagnosed with a crippling disease said to have a cure-rate of 1 in 500. After doing some research, Cousins concluded that laughing had curing qualities for diseases, and wove ‘laughing’ into his cure procedure. As a result, pain gradually began to ease, and blood tests began showing positive readings. He was able to return to work fit and healthy within a matter of months.

In addition to Cousins’ example, there have been many recent cases where laughing revealed positive results such as in improving the immune system and maintaining the autonomic nervous system. It really does seem like laughing keeps the doctor away.


Smiling: The Miracle Drug for Cancer

Much of the reason behind this is still in the dark for modern medicine.

In his book “The Laws of the Future”, Master Ryuho Okawa, the founder of Happy Science, has uncovered the relationship between a positive mind and staying healthy.

He writes:


You can change your ‘spiritual blueprint’ by always having the opposite mindset to those cancerous negative emotions and self-torment. Thoughts of wanting to destroy your house can be turned into thinking about how you can now build an even better home. This sort of thinking is transmitted to your nerves and blood.

From a spiritual perspective, the soul and the body combine to make a human being. The body (house) can always be changed by the mind (blueprint). Always being careful of your health condition and doing your best to keep a positive mindset can cure serious illnesses such as cancer and crippling disease. Smiles and positive thoughts are miracle drugs for an illness.

Increasing healthy elderly people means a reduction in currently rising social security expenses. Laughter and positive thinking may just save the super-aging society in Japan.

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A Laugh a Day Keeps the Doctor Away?
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