A Heated University Debate: Is the God of Christianity and Islam the Same?

The Wall Street Journal recently published an interesting article: “Are Allah and Jesus the Same God?” written by Stephen Prothero, a professor in the Department of Religion at Boston University.

Wheaton College, a pro-Christian university located in Illinois about a 30-minute drive from Chicago, became the scene of a particularly heated month-long debate.


Christians And Muslims Are Both People Of Sacred Scriptures

It all began when Larycia Hawkins, professor of political science at Wheaton College, made a public statement on a social network site. During Advent, Hawkins posted a video on Facebook of her wearing a hijab stating that she felt connected to Islam because they are people who live by a sacred Scripture, just like Christians including herself.

As a consequence of this Facebook post, Hawkins was put on administrative leave, and the university is currently processing her dismissal. The day after her Facebook post, the university responded, not to her having worn a scarf but to her theological statement that Christians and Muslims worship the same God.


A Theological Issue? Or Just Simply Anti-Islam?

Some people from outside the university also responded. Albert Mohler, president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary criticized Islam on his website, claiming that according to the Koran, believing that Jesus is the Son of God and the second God of the Trinity would mean blasphemy. He supports the dismissal of professor Hawkins.

Some, however, responded favorably to Hawkins.

In the Washington Post, professor Miroslav Volf from Yale University published that professor Hawkins’ suspension was not a theological issue, but was simply about anti-Islam.

Koran: “And Our God and Your God Is One” (29:46)

Christianity believes in the Father, Muslims believe in Allah, and the Judaists put Jesus on the cross. These three religions are often causing conflict, but looking at them historically, they are brother religions that believe in the same God.

For instance, a passage in the Koran goes as follows:

“Would you (Christians and Judaists) then dispute with us concerning God, who is our Lord and your Lord?” (2:139)

The Old Testament: God and Judgement and the God of Love

Where, then, is the root of the problem?

Two Gods, who are characteristically polar opposites, appear in the Old Testament: Yahweh the “Lord”, and Elohim the “God”.

“The Lord said to me, “… Now begin to conquer and possess his land.” (Deuteronomy 1:2)

“Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against anyone among your people, but love your neighbor as yourself.” (Leviticus 19:18)

Analyzed in this way, it becomes clear that Yahweh is combative and Elohim is loving and merciful, but the Old Testament does not distinguish between the two and gives the impression that they are the same god. This confusion was carried into Christianity and Islam, becoming the origin of the exclusivity of monotheism.

Having religious hindsight, we can see that Hawkins’ statement was theologically correct.


Take Love And Overcome Hatred

In “The Laws of Justice” Master Ryuho Okawa, founder of Happy Science stated the following regarding monotheism:

“Monotheism would be fine if they believe in a universal God who loves all people, but if monotheistic religions are to force other people to believe in a god who only cares for a specific group of people, it would mean that they are allowed to dominate other races. Thus, I think that Monotheism is irrational.”

Happy Science spiritual readings have uncovered that Jesus’ Father and the Islamic Allah are the same God; a universal God that transcends all races and religions, and teaches teachings of Love.

This Love is not a Love that can be grasped through a single narrow lens. We must return to the teachings of the God of Love, take love and overcome hatred. This is the first step to resolving religious conflicts.

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A Heated University Debate: Is the God of Christianity and Islam the Same?
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