A Year Since the Disappearance of MH370
The Inexplicable Response to the Accident

Almost a year has passed since Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, en-route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, mysteriously disappeared on 8 March 2014 with 239 people on-board.

But the truth behind the accident has not yet been revealed by Malaysia Airlines, the Malaysian Government, or Boeing, all of whom are responsible for this accident.


Sudden Announcement of the Death of All Passengers by the Malaysian Government

(Picture1) Mr. McKay’s sighting spot and where Mr. Akers believes he has found the wreckage of the plane in South China Sea


(Picture2) Satellite image of the floating wreckage believed to be from missing flight MH370 (Copyright © Here.com – Imagery Digital Globe, Found by Tim Akers & Merlindown, 9 Oct. 2014)


(Picture3) Satellite image of the wreckage believed to be from flight MH370 washing up on the coast of Vietnam (Copyright © Here.com – Imagery Digital Globe, Found by Tim Akers & Merlindown, 9 Oct. 2014)

On January 29th, 2015, the Malaysian government abruptly declared that flight MH370 was believed to have accidentally crashed in the southern Indian Ocean, and that all of its 239 passengers and crew members who were on board are presumed to have been lost. In response, Malaysia Airlines announced that it is ready to proceed immediately with the compensation process to the next-of-kin of the passengers. The search in the Indian Ocean is still ongoing. (Associated Press, Jan, 29th 2015)


Relatives of the Chinese Passengers Protest in Malaysia

Hurt and angry, 21 relatives of the Chinese passengers from the missing flight protested outside of the Malaysia Airlines office on February 12th. They also held a protest in front of the Prime Minister’s Office to demand that the declaration of loss be recanted, and pressed for information on the plane’s fate. The protest continued on the lunar New Year’s Eve. During the protest, the relatives of the Chinese passengers said that Malaysia’s declaration was “full of contradictions” and that it was “a cover-up to close the case quickly”. (Sina.com, Feb, 19th 2015)

The relatives have since been trying to find out what happened to their loved ones.

Although the Malaysian government officially announced that the plane crashed in the southern Indian Ocean where the search is still ongoing, there are many hints that seem to contradict their narrative.


Sightings of how “a burning object in the sky” crashed into the South China Sea

Mike McKay, 57, who worked on an oil rig in the South China Sea, said that he had seen a burning object in the sky crash into the South China Sea on the day of the accident. The time and place coincided with when MH370 lost contact. (The Daily Mail, Feb, 18th 2015)

Mr. McKay was confident that what he had seen was the MH370 and reported to both Malaysian and Vietnamese officials. However, he was fired from the rig after his email became public and caused the computers to become overloaded.

Since then, he went back to New Zealand and kept his silence. After almost a year, he decided to answer an interview from “The Daily Mail”.
He said “Almost a year has passed, but I stand by what I saw. And if it was the plane that has been missing for so long, then the search in the southern Indian Ocean is clearly in the wrong place.”(http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2951991/)


A British marine archaeologist finds MH370 debris in the South China Sea

As reported in this column last year, a British marine archaeologist, Tim Akers, 56, analyzed satellite images two days after MH370 went missing. He claimed to have discovered pieces of the MH370 debris off the coast of Vietnam, which is more than 3,000 miles from where authorities are currently searching. He said it was more plausible that the jet crashed in the South China Sea than to think that it made it to the south Indian Ocean.

If the plane crashed due to poor maintenance, not only the airline but also the government’s responsibilities will be called into question, and the Malaysian administration may be recalled. Boeing, the manufacturer of the plane, will also see its reputation take a hit.

Mr. Akers said in his report that, “Having seen the oil rig worker’s report of the crash and NASA’s satellite images of the area it would seem strange the Malaysian authorities have dismissed the area out of hand. Logically they should have checked it out by aircraft at low altitude and by a surface warship, but it looks like they chose not to. That in itself is very odd”. (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2617647/)


The Plane Fell into the South China Sea Due to Aircraft Malfunction

To investigate what really happened, Master Ryuho Okawa of the Happy Science Group, used his spiritual powers to call on the spirit of the famed “Sleeping Prophet,” Edgar Cayce, to conduct a “spiritual reading” concerning the fate of Flight 370. This was done 5 days after the plane went missing, on March 13, 2014.

According to Cayce’s spiritual reading, “The main left wing broke off from around the midsection and hung down. It then disintegrated. Unable to fly straight, the aircraft spun down from the lower left.”

He also stated, “There was a problem with the plane. The plane had been in an accident before. They had tried to fix it extensively, but apparently it was not enough. This does not appear to be a missile attack or terrorism. This was an accident.”
To specify where the aircraft crashed, he stated “The plane fell into a deep part of the South China Sea. It sank at least a thousand meters so it might be very difficult to conduct an investigation.”


Malaysian Government Must Give a Sincere Response to This Tragedy

As the spirit of Cayce says, if the MH370 aircraft sank a thousand meters, it might be difficult to investigate. But there are many oddities surrounding the response, such as the Malaysian government’s sudden announcement as well as the oil rig worker who was fired for reporting his sighting.

To make sure that the accident isn’t repeated, the authorities need to conduct a thorough investigation and find out the truth for the sake of those who lost their lives.

A Year Since the Disappearance of MH370
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