What Would God Say?
How Fundamental Religious Teachings Contain the Seeds to Reconciliation

Religious teachings have always been difficult for disciples to interpret. If the Master of a particular religion were to say “don’t eat pigs”, is he merely saying that to combat the unsanitary conditions of the particular period in history? Or is there something about a pig that offends God to the point that eating such a beast should be prohibited for as long as man breathes? Master Okawa points out the small precepts that are hindering progress in Islam, as well as the frequent overreach by Christian nations in combating what they view as evil, and suggested that those smaller rules should be disregarded in favor of the teaching of love and compassion that both religious hold as their most fundamental and cherished beliefs. Master Okawa combines faith with the practical by starting with his religious teachings in order to analyze the political developments in the Middle East, and to foretell where the world would head if these religions were to quarrel over minor issues without embracing the overarching values and teachings that they fundamentally share.


The following is a March 5, 2013 English lecture by Master Okawa on his views on Christianity and Islam.

So if the future welcomes us, we want to teach people as a very moderate and comprehensive type of religion.

If we’re asked, “Is Happy Science similar to Islam or similar to Christianity? Which one is it closer to?” in this age, I think Christianity is a little closer to our religion (Happy Science) because Christian people learn from their history.

Christians experienced a lot of religious wars, for example, the Thirty Years’ War. At those times in Germany, only one third of the (urban) population survived. They became more moderate after that, and try to accept others’ thoughts.

Back then, it was very common to think that when the “host” or the head of a country― by “country” I mean something like a prefecture of a country like Japan― chose some religion or sect, that religion should obey the head. People back then usually thought like that. Each person can, of course, change his or her religious beliefs. But almost all of a nation belonged to, for example, the Protestant Church or to the Catholic Church. It was OK. A lot of sects form from those kinds of moderate groups, and some will be accepted. Some will be persecuted. I think this is reasonable and the usual case.

Therefore, what we must think about and choose is “What is the mainstream of God’s Truth?” and “What is the golden rule of God?” We must abandon other small things, disregard small differences, and just choose the golden way to God. I think this golden way is faith and of course love, reflection, wisdom concerning spiritual knowledge, and progress. The golden way to God is the way to the happiness and prosperity of the people of your country, as well as the people of other countries and of the world.

These concepts must be the main road to God. Therefore Happy Science can very gently integrate all the religions worldwide in it.

We, for example, do not wish for a religious war against the Islamic people. At times they insist that Allah is “the One” and “the only God.” They also say that other religions do not believe in Allah, so Allah is “just our God.

But the word “Allah” only means God. God explains nothing because God is God. The word “God” means, in their context, something like the light of the Sun. “God” means something like the air or water on Earth. Their meaning of God is something like that. It’s something essential and nothing can replace it. This is their definition of “God.” I guess it isn’t some small being that possesses a human character. This is what I want to say to them.

If they don’t believe in me, they’ll create a lot of conflicts in the near future. Also, their cities, countries, and civilizations will be destroyed by Christian people in the near future. I think the Muslims should become tolerant. The concept of God is much wider. Don’t think about choosing a favorite god that only loves a tribe or a country. Such a god is a tribal god, so I think they need to change their minds.

If we take a look from the human side, there lies another problem. Islamic people prohibited human symbols and, for example, destroyed Buddha’s statue because Muhammad rejected that kind of a statue. The reason for that comes from the Quraysh tribe, which was their enemy during Muhammad’s time. Muhammad, of course, was a native of this Quraysh tribe, and they practiced idol worship and believed in many gods. So, he rejected these kinds of gods and chose the “one and only God.

Muhammad couldn’t spiritually see the figure of God. This was the limit of his psychic powers. He could just receive revelations and hear the voice of God. But he couldn’t see the figure of God. This is the main reason why he rejected the statue of God. If he could have seen the figure of God, he could have described it and might have wanted to make a statue of God. In the end, it was the limit of the spiritual leader. Whether or not it (the statue of Buddha or the statue of God) is to be built depends on the situation, so don’t stress this point too much.

Even Jesus Christ couldn’t see God; he only heard the voice of God. But he saw the spiritual figures of Elijah and Moses at the top of the mountain. This is written in the Holy Bible. However, he couldn’t see the Lord, although he believed in the Lord. Jesus couldn’t see the Lord whom he called Father.

As you can see, there are various characteristics to every religion, so be careful about that. We must only choose the golden rule that will make the human race happy. I think this is so.

What Would God Say?
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