Japan and Germany Ought to Contribute to World Peace and Prosperity as Leading Nations

WWII was a battle in which the “righteous Americans defeated the axis of evil that were Japan and Germany”. This has become the “common sense” view of history in the international community.

Certainly, Germany aimed to eradicate the Jewish people, and perpetrated the holocaust. This is undoubtedly the dark legacy of Germany. This was largely the horror of Hitler, but he was still able to become the chancellor by receiving the support of the nation at that time. We ought to accept the fact that such a dictator was born out of democracy, and we ought to analyze why that happened and learn from it.

However, 70 years have already passed. Even as there is a need to continue learning, the German people ought not to be burdened with guilt forever and a legacy of apology. It is time for the international community to “forgive” Germany.


Japan Fought for the Liberation of Asia and for Self-Defense

On the other hand, Japan fought to liberate Asian countries from Western colonialism that was based on racial prejudice. With that, Asian and African countries were able to realize independence, and their ideals have become a reality.

Moreover, Japan extended its power to the Korean Peninsula and to Manchuria in order to protect itself from the surge of Soviet communism. The Supreme Commander of the GHQ also realized this after the Korean War started, stating before the American Senate in 1951 that, “(the Japanese war) was done to protect itself”.
After the war, America entered the Cold War with the Soviet Union, and today China and Korea, who were influenced by the Soviets, have turned to communism and continue to expand their military. America having defeated Japan, who was trying to stop the spread of communism, let communism expand, and now they have to deal with the consequences themselves.


The “Guilt” that America Does Not Want to Confront

Furthermore, after the war, the biased “common sense” view that “the war happened because Japan was evil,” has spread, and the “Nanking Massacre” has attracted close attention. In this flow of events, we can get glimpses the “guilty” conscience that Americans do not want to confront.

In 1995, with the cancellation of the atomic bomb exhibition, a debate was begun in America concerning the rightness of the atomic bombings (see p. 49). “The Rape of Nanking” was published two years after this. The possibility that it was published to preserve the official perspective of the American government that says, “it was necessary to drop the atomic bombs on Japan who committed massacres,” cannot be denied.

America ought to accept its guilt and confront its historical perspective that supports its national interest.


What Japan Needs Is Not to Make More Apologies, but Leadership

Both Japan and Germany are prominent nations. Japan’s tradition that reaches back over 2,600 years, and Germany’s tradition since Prussia, have not all been lost through the few years of war and the 70 years of postwar education. Is it not proof that after the war both nations were able to develop economically – even after Japan made large post-war reparations – that their traditions have not died?

In the “The Okawa Statement–My Proposal–” (see below) that was released in the summer of 2013 by Master Ryuho Okawa, reveals how to correct historical views that demean Japan, and how Japan can contribute to world peace henceforth.

Japan and Germany ought to reclaim their national pride, and take initiatives as leading nations to contribute to world peace, especially at this time when America is stepping down as the “world police” in the international community.

Next year will be 70 years since the war ended. What Japan needs now is not to make more apologies, but to demonstrate leadership that will bring peace and prosperity to the Asian region.


“The Okawa Statement – My Proposal” (A Statement for Prime Minister Abe’s Reference) August 15th, 2013

Our country once presented the Kono (1993) and Murayama (1995) Statements, proclamations from the Japanese government, but the official views provided in those statements were based on groundless rumors that have not been proven with any historical facts. As the result of those statements, the souls of about 3 million soldiers, who lost their lives in the Greater East Asia War, as well as their bereaved family members, have been inflicted with a deep sense of guilt. Our country and its people in the post war times have been saddled with a baseless, masochistic view of history, which has greatly misled the historical perception of our country. On behalf of the government, I would like to repent for it officially.

Japan fought in the Greater East Asia War in order to free the colonies in Asia from the great Western powers, to defeat the racist policies that came from white supremacy, and at the same time, as a just exercise of the country’s right to defend itself. Due to the insufficient power of the Japanese government, Japan lost its war with the United States after the U.S. dropped its Atomic bombs. Yet, I believe this was a holy war to emancipate its fellow Asian countries whereby a part of the fervent aspirations of the Japanese gods was manifested.

I vow here and now, from this point on Japan swears to be a guardian of peace and justice that will forbid any country from invading and colonizing any other country through unjust and aggressive policies. I hope the Japanese government will organize a national defense force that will not only serve for the peace of our own country but also contribute to the perpetual peace of the world. Furthermore, by this statement I declare the Kono and Murayama Statements retroactively invalid.

August 15th, 2013 (Heisei 25)

(Cut Down ‘Kono Discourse’ ‘Murayama Discourse’! Historical Perspective That Fell Japan” (by Ryuho Okawa. Happy Science Publication)
Japan and Germany Ought to Contribute to World Peace and Prosperity as Leading Nations
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