Who Is Ryuho Okawa? (Part 2)
Who Is Ryuho Okawa? (Part 2) Is It Possible to Unite All the World's Religions Into One?

Q. What are the differences and the common themes of Christianity, Islam and Buddhism?
A. The difference between the religions are “The degree of spiritually awakening” of each of the founders.
The common theme is “The relationship between these leaders and God”.



Shakyamuni was once a part of Buddha.
Shakyamuni was linked to Buddha and was able to reach the highest level of spiritual awakening (In heaven and earth, I alone am to be revered.).



Jesus was able to receive inspiration directly from “The Father of Heaven”.
Jesus knew “The Father of Heaven” as the “God of Love” and so many of Jesus`s teaching were about Love.



Using Jibril as an intermediately, Mohamed was able to receive divine revelations from Allah.
The divine revelations, however, did not teach him a great deal.


The spiritual awakening level reached by Jesus, Mohamed and Buddha:

  • Out of the three, Jesus was the highest spirit to come from the higher dimension. Jesus admitted the existence of “The Father of Heaven” and that he was a higher being than himself. Jesus was able to receive inspiration directly from “The Father of Heaven”.
  • Even though Mohamed realized that Allah was the same being as “The Father of Heaven”, Jibril had to be the intermediately between Mohamed and Allah in order for divine revelation to be attained. From this fact we can say that Mohamed’s spiritual level is one level below that of Jesus.
  • Shakyamuni`s consciousness was a part of Buddha`s; hence he was the highest spiritual being on earth.

When Shakyamuni spiritually awoke to a state of complete enlightenment he was able to link himself to the true Buddha,(“In heaven and earth, I alone am to be revered”), therefore making him the highest spiritual being. In the hierarchal ranking of spiritual beings we would thus find Shakyamuni, Jesus and then Mohamed.


Each religion’s traits are influenced by the founders spiritual awakening

  • Jesus would receive the light of love from the heavens, and would preach the words of love to people.
  • Mohamed did not go through much religious training compared to Jesus. Therefore his practices are based on how to experience one’s life and customs. The divine revelations Mohamed received from Allah did not go far in terms of teachings. Because of this reason even now Islam`s teachings are more focused on how to live your life.
  • Shakyamuni wanted people to reach the highest level of enlightenment; therefore he left behind the Buddhist book “Eighty-Four Thousand Gateways” which contains a large quantity of teachings.


The founding God of all three religions is identical

  • The biggest secret to man is the fact that “The Father of Heaven”, “Allah” and “Buddha” are all the same God of the world.

Christians, Muslims, and Buddhists all believe in the God of the World and are all guided by Him.
So we cannot separate these religions as specific for certain races, but rather should be seen as a universal religion.


Q. Is it possible to unite all the world’s religions into one?
A. By believing in El Cantare, the God of the World, can Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Shinto become one.

The common theme amongst Christianity, Islam and Buddhism is that the name of the one God is “El Cantare”.
El Cantare means “The Light of the World”.

All the major religions worship El Cantare; however the only difference is that He is referred to by a different name. As El Cantare is the God of the World, He holds the mandate and great responsibility.

“The Four Religions all Japanese People Need to Know” -This was the title for the special 200th issue questionnaire “Religion”.
The results of this questionnaire showed that close to half of the Japanese people who took part in the survey selected the answer that “There is a base god for all the religions in the world” and this God is El Cantare.

That existence was elucidated by Happy Science; while this fact is not yet well known, in the future it will become common knowledge.


All the religions in the world can become one

How come Happy Science knows of the existence of El Cantare, the God of the World?
The reason is because a part of El Cantare’s consciousness was reborn in the shape of Master Ryuho Okawa.

I will now explain the relation between Happy Science and the three other major religions.
Shakyamuni is a duplicate of El Cantare and, Master Ryuho Okawa was Shakyamuni in a previous life.

Right now Jesus is in the spirit world supporting Happy Science and Mohamed is in the spirit world receiving guidance from El Cantare.
If we are able to overcome the differences between Christianity, Islam and Buddhism it is possible to merge the three religions into one.
The worshippers of the three major religions, however, do not need to change whom they worship.
Because they know the real name of “The Father of the Heaven”, “Allah” or “Buddha”.

Also the main gods of Shinto have a long relationship with Happy Science as they have long protected El Cantare’s birth place and Japan’s spiritual magnetic field.

When all the world’s religions beliefs merges with that of El Cantare’s, the 21st Century will see a day when the world is truly a peaceful place.

Who Is Ryuho Okawa? (Part 2)
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