Who Is Ryuho Okawa? (Part 1)
The Reason Why Happy Science Is Spreading Around the World

World Teacher
Master Ryuho Okawa
The teacher of enlightenment


Religious Leader

In world history there has probably been no one who has delivered more unscripted sermons than Master Ryuho Okawa.

Since November 23, 1986 Master Ryuho Okawa has delivered more than 2200 sermons.

These sermons have been published in more than 1,500 books available.

In 2010, Master Okawa set a Guinness world record, publishing 52 books in one year. In 2013, he published 106 books, creating a new record.

Master Okawa is without doubt a World teacher conducting sermons in many countries including America, Brazil, India, Philippines and other English speaking nations.


Management Leader

What is less known about Ryuho Okawa are his skills as a businessman.

In a six-mat room in 1986, the religious organization Happy Science was founded. Since that time, Happy Science has grown by leaps and bounds. By the 1990`s people across all of Japan had heard of Happy Science. By 2000, Happy Science had become global.

The rapid rise of Happy Science can be attributed to the brilliant message, business and financial strategies that have been put into place.

The essence of the business strategies can be learned by attending seminars designed for entrepreneurs in one of Happy Science`s Shouja, as well as purchasing books which summarize the business concepts.
These bold yet sound business techniques have been put to practice by many entrepreneurs.


National Teacher

Happy Science founded Japan`s first religious political party called, “The Happiness Realization Party”. The party enacts political agendas consistent with the philosophies of Happy Science.

Master Okawa has been formulating political statements since the 1980`s.
Ever since Okawa gave the sermon titled “The Declaration of the Happiness Realization Party”
in April 2009, the Party has stepped up its activities in formulating political policy.

As a National Teacher, Master Okawa is trying to save Japan from a National Crisis.
Also, as a political thinker, Master has founded “The New Constitution of Japan Draft Policy” with detailed plans in Politics, Economics, Diplomacy, Military-affairs, Social security and other areas.

Master also speaks of the current international landscape as well as how it will unfold in the years to come.



Ryuho Okawa is also known as someone who believes in the importance of education for our youth. Thus, he founded The “Happy Science Academy”, a boarding school for both junior and senior high students.

Within Happy Science there are many smaller educational bodies dealing with various areas of study:
“Success No. 1” is the religious body; “Angel plan V” is a program designed to deal with the education of children; and “Never Mind” is an educational tract that supports children with truancy problems.

Happy Science is very passionate about teaching children the study English as a second language. In just two years over 160 books have been published to facilitate this effort

In 28 years many people have been gone through Happy Science’s on the job training and some have gone on to assume senior level management positions.

In 2010 April, Master Okawa opened the Happy Science Institute of Government and Management and becoming its first president.

He is training the politicians and entrepreneurs of the future.

Master Okawa is also known as a Psychic, Thinker, Writer and a Poet. Only a few of his talents have been mentioned, but it would be correct to say that he is a multi-dimensional person.

Who Is Ryuho Okawa? (Part 1)
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