Ways to Make Cancer Vanish (Part 3)
An Extract from the Chapter 3 of "The Miraculous Way to Overcome Cancer and Disease"

Energy follows thought. In this article Master Ryuho Okawa teaches us why Western Medicine can never totally heal illness and its major shortcomings. He teaches us that humans have the ability to both heal themselves and to approach Utopia through the power of the mind, the true self.
In the following powerful words of hope and guidance by Master Okawa, we look behind the causes of disease and how we can become empowered to view illness, the body, and the role that the spirit plays in determining health.


Life Has Ups and Downs

So what should we do to make cancer vanish? The main cause of cancer is usually the tangled personal relationships that trigger suffering and inner conflicts. In life, you may find many problems that seem impossible to solve like a jigsaw puzzle of the most difficult level. If you continue to struggle with such problems, you are highly likely to develop cancer.

Of course, some problems cannot be solved easily. And in life there are many problems which only time can solve. So, even if you cannot work them out right away, don’t be discouraged, accept it and be determined to endure.

Life has a cycle. It is important to take a long view and accept the fact that life has both good and bad times.

In life, you cannot always expect favorable winds, good fortune, or series of successes. So please ride out adversity skillfully.

I am sure you have received many negative, poisonous words from others in the past. Although you cannot stop the utterance of spiteful words, you have to make sure you are not affected by them too much.

In the world, many people throw “poisonous darts” and this is something inescapable. It requires a tremendous amount of energy to stop these, but you can at least try to avoid their effects. Of course, it is difficult to stay completely unaffected by the negative words or bad intentions of others. But even if you receive these negativities, you must learn to let them go and give little heed to them.

All things are transient in this world. So try to make your mind unaffected and carefree, just like the flowing water of a stream. Do not to take your problems too seriously.


Simple Methods to Cure Cancer

1) First, have gratitude

First, have gratitude in your heart. In many cases, those who get cancer lack a heart of gratitude.

It is often observed that those, especially, who are not very grateful to their parents are likely to develop cancer. They do not notice how much they owe to their parents; they take their parents love and care for granted, and show little gratitude to them. So if you find you develop cancer, try being more thankful to your parents.

You must also show gratitude to people around you, such as your family, friends, acquaintances, and Dharma friends. This is one of the important attitudes.


2) Reflect on past incidents for which you are responsible

Another important point is to deeply reflect upon the past incidents for which you are responsible.

There may be some that have happened beyond your control. For example, even if you feel sorry that you cannot take responsibility for the great depression, it is beyond the capacity of ordinary people and the blame does not lie with you. It is rather the central bank governor or World Bank who should claim responsibility.

You cannot be held responsible in all circumstances, but please simply reflect on your past within the scope of your own responsibility.


3) Try to restore personal relationships, and pray for the happiness of the person with whom you are at odds

If you have any disharmonious relationships with others, it is important to restore them if possible. If this is not possible, then pray in your heart. For example, you can apologize in your heart: “I am sorry for my rudeness. I went too far and hurt you. I am really sorry about that.” Or, pray for the happiness of the person with whom you are in discord.. In this manner you practice gratitude, self-reflection, and prayer.

4) Put on a smile as much as possible
Lastly, train yourself to put on a smile as much as possible. A smile can cure cancer, so try to keep a smile on your face. A smile is a “silver bullet” in the treatment for cancer.

As you get older, you may find it more difficult to keep smiling. The less frequently you smile, the more likely you are to fall ill. Therefore, please practice smiling.

A smile is an expression of love for others. The elderly people who always have beaming faces are loved by everyone. It is this simple. They are loved not because they have money. Certainly, if they have money and often give their grandchildren some pocket change, their grandchildren will love them for this. But even if they do not have money, the elderly people who always have a smile on their face are generally loved by all.

Smiling costs nothing. If you always keep a smile even as you age, you will be loved by others, and if others love you, the love will serve as medication that gives you the power to relieve your worries and cure your illness. So, please make an effort to put on a smile as a cure.

You can have a smile through a bit of mental effort and habitual practice. Give love to others with a smile. It is like a sunflower blooming facing toward the sun. Many things happen in life. You may even go through pain and suffering. However, focus on the aspect of happiness, and smile. Be thankful for what you have been given. Instead of looking at what is missing, give thanks for what you already have.

To sum up, you need to first show gratitude, especially to your parents, and reflect on your past thoughts and deeds. Then, if you can, restore your personal relationships with others. If that is not possible, apologize to them in your mind through prayer. Lastly, always keep a smile as a remedy.

Please use these methods to fight cancer. It may be hard to believe, but they are actually more effective than medicines prescribed by doctors. It costs nothing, so please take my words openheartedly and give them a try. It does work.


The Most Powerful Medicine Is “Faith”

Of course, the most powerful remedy is “faith.” Many illnesses have been cured in different religions, so why can we not experience it at Happy Science? Many more diseases shall be healed in Happy Science for we receive guidance from Lord El Cantare.

Faith forms a culture in religion. The stronger the power of belief in our followers, the more diseases will be cured. Many different illnesses will certainly be cured.

The healing power through our faith is not yet strong enough. As our believer’s faith becomes stronger, we will be able to heal a hundred times as many diseases as we presently do.

I sincerely pray that you will establish your faith as the most powerful remedy. I would be happy if you believe that there is no disease that cannot be cured.

Ways to Make Cancer Vanish (Part 3)
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