The Relationship Between Healing and True Energy
An Extract from the Chapter 1 of "The Miraculous Way to Overcome Cancer and Disease"

Energy follows thought. In this article Master Ryuho Okawa teaches us why Western Medicine can never totally heal illness and its major shortcomings. He teaches us that humans have the ability to both heal themselves and to approach Utopia through the power of the mind, the true self.
In the following powerful words of hope and guidance by Master Okawa, we look behind the causes of disease and how we can become empowered to view illness, the body, and the role that the spirit plays in determining health.

Master Okawa tells us:


The Causes behind Disease

Medical progress is all very necessary, but unfortunately Western medicine has for the most part, has been developed based on a materialistic viewpoint – that being the idea that “This world consists only of matter”. Research is conducted on matter, and on the relationship between material substances; in other words, studies are furthered on the relationship between medicine as a material substance and the human body as a material substance.

The Western medical community sees the study of medicine from the perspective of whether medicine, as matter has an effect upon the human body as matter.

However, as I have so often stated, the body that human beings think of as “themselves” is nothing more than a vehicle. So, to use an analogy, if people think of their own body as a car, your body is nothing more than a vehicle in which your true self is riding as the driver.

First of all, I want you to be aware that “humans are not just the car; they are both the car and the driver united as one for life”. We are both the outer shell and inner mechanism. One cannot exist without the other.


The Mind Creates Diseases: The true identity of the mind is “the energy to live”

It may sound old-fashioned to say that this “driver” is actually the soul or the spirit, so we will simply call it the “mind”.

To put it another way, this “mind” can be called “life”. It is the true essence of life itself. .It is living energy, the impetus to live. That is the true identity of mind.

It is this energy that gives life to the physical body. This energy is the main characteristic and master of the physical body. It is the intrinsic strength of will that determines what kind of life shall be led while in one’s physical body. This, again, is the true identity of “mind”.

The human mind possesses creativity and the ability to create. It has the ability to envision and implement new ideas. This soul or spirit, which we know as “mind” has the ability not simply to repeat that which was come before, but to generate new ideas and create the future. It also embodies the ability to develop solutions for the unknown.and undiscovered. The human mind is the physical embodiment of creativity.

Humans have been endowed with the power to create and bring forth new ideas. This .is because we are the children of God, and a part of God is said to dwell within each of us.

To put it another way, there dwells inside each person a spirit body roughly the same size as the physical body, the core of which is called “mind.”

This mind draws a kind of light energy or spiritual flow from God, Buddha, and other high spiritual entities existing in the Heavenly Realm. The human mind is connected with this light through this spiritual flow.

The cluster at the very end of the energy flowing down from the Heavenly World is the essence of humanity.

It can truly be said that humans are extremely noble beings. Humans possess within themselves an element similar to Buddha and the gods.

The mind is energy. That means that it can both create and destroy.
What do I mean when I use the word “destroy” in this context? The destruction here represents sickness. When the state of the mind is disharmonious, abnormalities occur in the body.

If the abnormality is low-key, it may result in nothing more than a “feeling of being out of sorts”; but if it is intense, it can produce pathological change resulting in more serious illness.. Just as a river overflows in locations where it breaches its banks, illness appears in parts of the body that are weakened. Thus an illness may appear in a certain part of the body that is vulnerable; even if this diseased part is cured. If disharmony continues in the mind, illness will appear elsewhere. That is the intertwined relationship between mind and body.

The mind can create disease, but that is not the spiritual goal of creativity. Rather it is a negative aspect resulting in destructiveness and dissolution of energy; we can view this as the mind’s destructive power.

With almost no exception, all humans possess the ability to create illness. It is as if you possess half the power of God. But you can instead use this same power, this same energy, to cure illness. If one can create illness, one must also possess the ability to cure illness.

In most cases, illness means developing a disorder in the internal organs, brain or vascular system. But your organs, for instance, don’t remain exactly the same all year round. Cells mutate and replace themselves within a year. The same applies to bones. Bones shift and change. Even the skull is renewed. Blood vessels replace themselves, and blood is constantly replacing itself.

Let’s use stomach cancer as an example.. Stomach cancer is a state of continual and renewed destruction based on the creation of a malignant focus on the abdominal area.
If the destruction continues, this particular illness can morph into a solid shape.


Involuntary muscle can be moved over time

In science lessons, you may recall learning that the human body has muscles that can be moved by surface consciousness (voluntary muscles) and muscles that cannot (involuntary muscles) be moved. Even though involuntary muscles might appear immovable, this is not truly the case.

If you visualize over a long period of time that you’d like, for example, to change the position of the intestines, they will gradually move.

Primitive people would have found it very hard to live if they had become vision-impaired.. Since glasses were not invented, early humans had to restore their eyesight to function and survive.. However, in today’s culture in order for people to recover their sight they now wear eyeglasses or corrective lens. They have lost the ability to move the lenses of their eyes and the memory of improving sight.

I want you to be aware that humans possess creativity and can change their body to some extent.


Miracles occur in Proportion to the Power of Faith

I talked about the relationship of spirit and physical body, or mind and physical body, and how these two are influenced by one another.

Even those who believe in the existence of the other world tend to think that all the material objects that appear in this world, including the human body, are in fact transient and that this world and the other world (which is invisible) are different. However, higher awareness shows us that they are not separate but rather are one.

Let me explain this in another way. All things are composed of the light of God. There are several levels through which the light of God is condensed to appear as a material object in this world. The wavelengths of this light are very refined in the Real World. When they become coarser and are condensed, they appear in the three-dimensional world as a material object.

Thus it is erroneous to think “there is a physical body separate from the spiritual body”. The truth is that this physical body is in fact but one manifestation of the spirit body. The physical body only appears when the spirit body manifests itself in an extremely solidified state.


The rules of this world can be altered if the power of the higher dimensions is at work

When one’s enlightenment has significantly deepened, various kinds of phenomena start to occur as indicated in today’s theme “The Miraculous Way to Stay Healthy”,. It is from this stage onward that all the rules of this third dimension start to be altered.

If people think “this world is established as an independent world and the rules cannot be changed,” then that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. If people realize that this world is actually attuned to the “Real World’ and are open to an understanding of the laws of the other world, they can also alter the laws of this world. Each of us has the power to change this world too. This will occur when the power of the spirit is recognized and aligns the physical and spiritual bodies as one..

In terms of health miracles have occurred and illnesses have been cured in many different religions and belief systems utilizing these same principles. The laws of the world will be altered when the power from the higher dimensions start to be recognized. The prerequisite for this is that one has faith, a strong power to believe and that he or she lives a life deserving of such miracles. Each of us holds within us the power to bring about miracles. One must have unwavering faith and be worthy of experiencing miracles. Miracles do not happen to everyone. They occur when these two criteria are met.

There is no doubt that the power to cure diseases will be doubled if one recognizes and receives supportive energy – the strong energy of prayer from dharma friends who practice the Truth with you.

So believe in positive energy. Have faith and pray. If you have a mission to believe and become the proof of miracles, you will receive miracles and be cured. Even if you do not recover completely, it is possible to improve the quality of life and postpone death until you have learned the lessons of this life and passed through the important stages of this existence.

If these conditions are met, this power, which may appear as otherworldly, will surely come into play. It will happen in proportion to the power of your faith. If you can truly believe, “This world is but a part of the Real World; I have been born into this transient world to accomplish spiritual training on earth”, And if you continue with your spiritual discipline every day with this perspective, miracles will happen enabling you to overcome illness, difficulty and hardship.

What you visualize in your mind can be realized without fail. Humans are spiritual beings, and what one envisions in one’s mind will eventually be realized, You need to continually reinforce the image of the future you seek as well as your vision of your ideal self. If you continue to hold that positive self-image in your mind, you will become that person. Practice training yourself to picture a clear and specific image of your future self in your mind. Visualize this. When the power of faith is added, you will exponentially increase your ability to bring about this actualization of your inner self, and more likely to bring these realizations to fruition.

The Relationship Between Healing and True Energy
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