Natural Disasters: Are They the Wrath of God’s?
Investigating Spiritually the End of Atlantis

In November 2013, the typhoon Haiyan inflicted severe damage on the Philippines. Why do such natural catastrophes as earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions occur?

Are these warnings to humanity from God?

The consciousness of the typhoon Haiyan stated that atheist nations and the development of materialistic science have provoked the wrath of deities all over the world and that human civilization could be destroyed if it were to go against the Will of God.

It also referred to the civilization of Atlantis.

Why did Atlantis, which was once an advanced scientific civilization, have to perish?

When considering what choices we should make to create a bright future, we need to learn from the past.

Plato was told by the priest that a civilization had sunk into the Atlantic Ocean about 9600 years ago.

Since today, most of the historical records of Atlantis have disappeared, Master Okawa conducted this spiritual reading, saying “There is no way to investigate other than by readings, in other words by spiritual methods.”

Master summoned the spirit of Agasha the Great, the last king of Atlantis, to find out the truth about the destruction of Atlantis.

Below is an excerpt from “The Truth About the Destruction of Atlantis According to Agasha’s Spiritual Messages”.


1. Investigating Spiritually the End of Atlantis

Today I will do my utmost to water down the consciousness of Ryuho Okawa and to rely on the consciousness of a brother soul of Jesus Christ who in a past life took the form of Agasha the Great, the last king of Atlantis, as I talk about the end of Atlantis.


2. The Legendary Continent Was Located in the Atlantic of Today

This is Agasha speaking. As you heard just now, I am a brother soul of Jesus Christ. I had a physical body on earth more than eight thousand years before Jesus Christ. The place where I was born is known in legend as the continent of Atlantis. It was located between today’s Europe and North America, in other words in the Atlantic Ocean, whose name is derived from Atlantis, in particular in the place that you know today as the Bermuda Triangle.


3. Depicting the Last 1000 years of Atlantis

When I had a physical body on earth, a part of the continent of Atlantis had already started to sink. First the eastern third was submerged and then the western third, and what was left was the large section known as the middle island.

Why did this kind of partial submergence occur first? It would seem to have been a warning from God. What was God’s warning? It was that Atlantan civilization was heading in the wrong direction.


4. Experiments to Create Man-made Human Beings and Contact with Aliens

I believe that this is also touched upon in “The Laws of the Sun”. One of these is something with which you are going to be directly confronted: experiments to create man-made human beings. Atlantans learned how to create human beings themselves by gene manipulation. It was so convenient. And they classed the people they had created as robot-like slaves, and enjoyed living in luxury, served by these androids.

More than ten thousand years ago Atlantis perfected the technique of cloning with which contemporary culture is now confronted. They started to create androids. This provoked God’s wrath. They had forgotten about the soul and the spirit world.

Another thing was that this replication technique was learned from evil aliens. It was they who taught this cunning to humankind. There was also a time when aliens acted like gods.

It was during this process that the continent started to sink.


5. Evil Deeds Done by Atlantis

People seem to believe that before the immigration from Europe, only a few Indians lived in the United States and Canada, but they are mistaken about this too. There was an ancient civilization inhabiting both the United States and Canada, and this too was an enemy of Atlantis.

Atlantis had inherited the science and technology of Mu, and so they dropped special bombs on their civilizations. That was just a little before my time. Firstly they annihilated the Greenland enemy.

They did this with bombs that advanced global cooling. These bombs changed the Greenland civilization from one of abundant greenery to one of ice. They created a manmade Ice Age.

Then there was the very ancient American civilization. They had fertile farmland and many sailing boats which they rowed out into the ocean. They were a red race. They were a race of red-skinned people. They no longer exist. This red-skinned race lived in North America during the time of Atlantis but Atlantis exterminated them completely.

The method they used for this extermination was different from the one used on Greenland. Which method did Atlantis use? It was a bit like today’s atomic bomb, though it wasn’t that. It is very hard to explain to you, but it was a bomb that created strong winds. It was dropped in the sky and made to explode before it hit the ground, enabling it to create enormous whirlwinds and mighty artificial hurricanes. These winds wiped the red-skinned race’s grain belt, vegetables and woodlands from the face of the earth.

Atlantis’ scientific knowledge made them feel as proud as gods and enabled them to totally annihilated that now extinct red-skinned race.
Humankind today consists mainly of white-, black- and yellow-skinned races.
This was the abundant bad karma of Atlantis.


6. The Reform of Agasha the Great and the Coup

I was born into the royal family in that era. Like someone you know, I was also a psychic and so I received the guidance of El Cantare from the Heavenly Realm.

El Cantare told me, “Teach people about God’s greatness, and that the spirit world is the real world and humankind’s true home”. He guided me to teach people to stop their slaughter and to love one another. I based my teachings around this. I gathered the people in the plaza and gave huge sermons, time and again.

However, the deism taught in the past by the sainted Kuzanus had turned into faith in scientific omniscience which had come to predominate. People who believed that science protected the people of Atlantis and had brought them happiness espoused that my teachings were weak and would cause Atlantis to perish. It was said that my teachings meant the end of us as a strong nation. They then launched an insurrection and attacked the royal family and the Imperial Guard.

The number of people who believed in Agasha’s teachings of love continued to increase, but unfortunately it was a country where the army was strong enough to have annihilated the two other civilizations. However, I do not think that it was that easy a coup d’etat.

There was a plaza where I gathered together hundreds of thousands of people and preached the teachings of love, the importance of the human soul, and the great sanctity of God.

Tens of thousands listened to my teachings, but that plaza was to become our graveyard.

We were forced to dig a huge pit in the center of the plaza. Then the entire royal family was arrested and the Imperial Guards were killed. Most of the royal family was flung into the pit and buried alive. I would say that about 500 people from the royal family were killed in that way.

After burying us alive they repaved the plaza and destroyed all the evidence. The palace was razed and burnt to the ground. With this, the military leaders took complete control of the world.
Lucifel (do you mean Lucifer?) and Beelzebub had entered those military leaders. They entered the military leaders of those days just as they recently entered Hitler and Goebbels.

When He saw this bloody tragedy, God played His trump card. The last day of Atlantis. saw the middle island of Atlantis suddenly start to sink. It was not because the sea level had risen as a result of global warming. The continent simply subsided. It is sunk now into the ocean depths. I think that this shows just how strong God’s anger was. That is how far He will go.


7. Lessons We Should Learn From the Destruction of Atlantis

At least three times in the past, in Lamudia, Mu and Atlantis, civilization has moved in the wrong direction. When people became more proud than God could tolerate, when they mistook unhappiness for happiness, falsehoods for Truth, and wicked teachings for right teachings, there have been times when God has judged this unforgivable.

In the next few centuries on Earth countless warnings have been given, and will continue to be given, to civilizations that continually engage in unforgivable violence and civilizations where misguided teachings thrive. I think that this will lead to a part of the landscape sinking and a new continent rising. I cannot say where this will happen. However, a tragic future awaits a humankind that is intoxicated by science alone and will not listen to the Truth about the spirit world or the teachings of the Savior.

This is the truth about the destruction of Atlantis according to Agasha’s spiritual message. I hope that you will learn from it.

Natural Disasters: Are They the Wrath of God’s?
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