It’s Dangerous to Believe Dr. Stephen Hawking’s Latest Sound Bytes on Life After Death

Dr. Stephen Hawking, known as a wheelchair-bound astrophysicist, has the habit of actively expressing his opinions in public.

According to the September 24th issue of The Huffington Post, Dr. Hawking views the brain like a program in the mind, similar to a computer. He thinks it’s theoretically possible to copy the brain on to a computer in order to provide a form of life after death. This scientific pursuit of immortality might make members of society more attached to this world.

The paper also said that the Russian multi-millionaire, Dmitry Itskov, is working on a project to develop new technology by the year 2045, which would permit the migration of brain functions into a lifelike robot body. A research group, named the Brain Preservation Foundation, is also developing this same kind of technology.

Dr. Hawking’s quoted remarks were the same as saying the brain function is everything, and human beings are machines.

He has previously stated, “There’s no heaven or afterlife for broken-down computers; that’s a fairytale story for people who are afraid of the dark.” Dr. Hawking has been a rejecter of God and other religious belief systems.

Why has he held such hostile views of religion?

Happy Science conducted a space people reading, which revealed a surprising truth regarding Dr. Hawking. An entity has been guiding Dr. Hawking that has fallen under the control of Ahriman, “the false god” of the Universe, also known as the Dark Lord of the flip side of the Universe.

Ahriman could be likened to the Lord of the Sith in the “Star Wars” movie and Dr. Hawking’s guide to Darth Vader.

What has this entity been trying to achieve through the scientist?

His aim has been to establish a new faith in science. As materialism and atheism have been declining in strength, Dr. Hawking’s spiritual guide has been attempting to spread them again as well as to reject the conceptualization of God and religion with science. (Note: “Could an Alien Invasion of Earth Happen?” Ryuho Okawa)

Dr. Hawking’s thoughts could mislead people to forget about the existence of the other world. His ideas lead human beings to feel concerned only about this worldly life. In line with what Dr. Hawking stated in a recent interview with the BBC on September 17th, if brain function were everything, then brain dead people could be recognized as legally dead. During that interview, Dr. Hawking remarked that he agreed with the notion of assisted suicide for patients with terminal illnesses if they had previously told the medical staff with to end their lives in the event of such problems.

In the book titled “Could an Alien Invasion of Earth Happen?”, readers will discover more regarding Dr. Hawking’s true spiritual form.

In fact, Master Okawa has described him as a cyborg-type alien who came from minor Centauri. With two antennas and two big, long, vertical eyes, Dr. Hawking was apparently something of a robot. This was the reason that the false god took advantage of him.

He was also proud to control a scientist who did not have faith, and this was another reason why his spiritual form attuned to the mind of the False God.

People should recognize the existence of God or the Creator. Otherwise, doctors might become arrogant enough to think of the cessation of brain function as legal death, which could allow for the removal of organs from brain-dead patients.

At Happy Science, Master Okawa teaches that spirits are originally a type of energy without form. When they live within a human body, they create a soul that’s human in shape with a heart in the center. It’s in this form that spirits undergoes their training on Earth.
Below is an excerpt from Chapter Two of “The Laws of the Sun”.


“Many people like to deny the existence of the spirit or the soul while they are living on Earth, but very few manage to deny their hearts. Of course, there are some materialistic people who claim that the heart is nothing more than an aspect of the cerebrum, but despite their acclaimed logic, they still weep when they are sad without having made the conscious decision to feel depressed and therefore it would be suitable for them to cry.

When people feel sad, grief wells up in their chests without having had time to think about it, and tears flow. With someone dear, who hasn’t been seen for some time, it’s only natural to express warmth and to give a hug. This is not some logical reaction from the cerebrum, it’s an intuitive reaction of the soul. People, who claim that the brain is a rational organ, are simply quoting from materialistic dogma, which could be easily debunked.”

The BBC news might have expected to hear some authoritative opinions from Dr. Hawking on euthanasia because his illness has incapacitated him. However, just because he’s handicapped does not mean that his opinions hold water. Helen Keller was also physically disabled, but she lived her life with faith. Ms. Keller continues to provide hope to her readers, which makes her life’s work different from a scientist like Dr. Hawking.

What Dr. Hawking has been saying about God and religion has neither been good nor righteous. Nietzscheism in disguise has been attempting to sneak into science. In order to defeat it, people must establish science based on faith.

It’s Dangerous to Believe Dr. Stephen Hawking’s Latest Sound Bytes on Life After Death
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