Master Okawa’s Spiritual Assessment of Kim Il-Sung
“Edgar Cayce Looks into the Future of North Korea”

Part 2: Master Okawa’s Spiritual Assessment of Kim Il-Sung

After conducting the clairvoyant future reading about North Korea with Edgar Cayce, Master Okawa searched the spirit world to find North Korea’s founding father, Kim Il-Sung.

Kim Il-Sung’s spirit is now a fearsome ghost that lives in a pitch-black church-like building deep inside a maze-like tunnel.


In the Spirit World, Kim Il-Sung Has Become a Monster that Looks Like a Cross Between a Crab and a Spider


Master Okawa: He has two large eyes that resemble a crab. He also has a lot of legs. Again, they look like the legs of a crab. He has six legs. On his joints, he has something that looks like eyes. Overall, I can see eight glittering eyes in the dark.

This looks like a cross between a crab and a spider.
He has six legs and big eyes. Two small antennae protrude from the left and the right side of his mouth. In total, he has four of them. His mouth is insect-like rather than crab-like.

He is about 10 meters long. Kim Il-Sung has become a monster that looks like a cross between a crab and a spider.

Yet, I can see the face of Kim Jong-un on his backside, and for this reason they must have a spiritual connection.

(After Master Okawa described his appearance, he invited the spirit of Kim Il-Sung for an interview. Master Okawa called him to transmit his spiritual message.)


“With a Strong, Young Man Like Kim Jong-un, We Can Easily Take South Korea and Japan.”

— North Korea recently conducted its third successful nuclear missile test. What is its objective?

Kim Il-Sung: I’m very pleased with my highly capable successor. The time has come. Soon, my wishes will finally come true.

He is still young. Yes. He is young and brilliant. We will be able to take South Korea and Japan with someone so young and strong at the helm.

— Are you thinking of threatening the U.S. with a nuclear missile attack?

Kim Il-Sung: The simple fact that we have reached a position, which enables us to threaten the United States, is significant.

Isn’t it great? Today we can just tell them: “By the time your navy lands here, Obama’s home base in Chicago will already have gone up in flames!” That is very exhilarating.

— This is what you wanted when you were alive, right?

Kim Il-Sung: If we don’t acquire at least a little American territory, we have not done our job. We are simply maintaining a ceasefire at the 38th parallel, that’s all. The war is not over yet. We have a ceasefire, and it looks like soon, we will finally be able to see things through to the end. Yes, we can wrap up a lot of things with the third generation of leadership in North Korea.


Kim Il-Sung: “We can occupy South Korea in no more than three days!”

— Earlier today, Master Okawa did a ‘clairvoyant future reading’ of North Korea’s fate, and it looked like in the near future, a war might break out between North and South Korea.

Kim Il-Sung: No, it isn’t going to come to that. We need no more than a single attack to defeat South Korea.

It will be over in a single blow. Give us three days, and we’ll have occupied the South. Three days, that’s it. South Korea would have no more than three days, there’s no doubt about it.

— Are you going to occupy the South and unify the two Koreas?

Kim Il-Sung: Of course, we will. The South has a large population. We could turn them into slaves and use them as low ranking soldiers. We will force them to fight for us. The North Koreans will be the nobility, while the South Koreans will be our combatants. We will make them work for us.

We will live like the citizens of Rome while they will live like slaves from Africa.


The Tokyo Massacre and Japanese Comfort Women

— Is Japan part of your future plans?

Kim Il-Sung: Japan will naturally have to pay. Japan forced its rule of terror on Korea for over 30 years. The Japanese will have to pay.

This time, it won’t be the “Nanking Massacre” – this time it will be the “Tokyo Massacre”. Just once I want to use Japanese comfort women.
I want to take them here, and force them to dig up uranium in North Korea.


500 Tunnels Have Been Dug to Invade South Korea

Kim Il-Sung: North Korea is about to become the most dominant force in Asia. We can take South Korea in three days.

This is a correct prediction.

If we could buy three days worth of time to fight South Korea, we could bring them down.

South Korea may not be aware of this, but we have already dug tunnels to attack them.
We have about 500 tunnels. Therefore, North Korean soldiers could storm South Korea whenever they want. One day they might suddenly burst into the South Korean suburbs and attack the cities from behind. They have no way to prevent such an attack. They are stupid if they think we are going to strike them from the front. We are going to attack them from the behind.

They have no idea what’s coming.

— Thank you very much for informing us.

Kim Il-Sung also talked about the following points:

  • Who North Korea’s allies are
  • Which country he hates the most
  • What Chinese military zone North Korea is concerned about
  • For what purpose North Korea’s concentration camps were built
  • Why he ordered the kidnappings of Japanese citizens


After the interview with Kim Il-Sung’s spirit, Master Okawa said:

“I pray that North Korea’s third generation of leadership will be its last, that we will soon see the end of this country, and that the 2 Koreas will be united peacefully following the example of East and West Germany.

May the soldiers protecting the 38th parallel scream ‘Hurray!’, put down their weapons, and join the rest of the world. That could be the end of North Korea. May the war end. May we all be united as brothers and sisters.

We need to pour our efforts into getting the world on our side and work together for this cause”.

The contents of this ‘clairvoyant future reading’ were shocking, but the predictions and future readings were based on a prerequisite that things continue as the way they are now, and for this reason we should take this reading as a warning. If the people and the countries concerned apply counter measures and institute different policies, then they will start to produce divergent factors. The future could turn out unlike the one that Master Okawa described for us.

If we were to take this analysis to heart, we should support the formation of close ties with South Korea and the United States, and cooperate with them against North Korea and China. It could be the first important step towards the prevention of a second Korean War. We must put a lid on Chinese ambitions for world domination, and reestablish justice on a global scale.

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Master Okawa’s Spiritual Assessment of Kim Il-Sung
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