The U.S. 2012 Presidential Election Campaign Has Started

What is important for Obama is next week’s opinion poll, not policy.

What is interesting is the issue of medical insurance. What the support base of the Democratic Party has desired is the introduction of national health insurance system as in Japan and Europe, because medical expenses in the U.S. are very high. On average, they are twice as much as in Japan and Europe leaving 50 million Americans uninsured.

Obama had run for president in order to improve the situation, and pledged to introduce a national health insurance system to the public. It is, however, unfavorable for the private health insurance companies that will suffer a loss as a result of the policy. In fact, 70% of the political donations from those companies also flow to the Democratic Party, and therefore he does not do what goes against the insurance business circles. Eventually, in spite of appealing for the need, he avoided the drastic medical reform and got out of the situation to protect the profits of the insurance business circles. That is his typical practice. However, the American people began to notice his calculation and coldness, and his approval rating is getting fallen according to the results of the latest opinion poll.

Obama is also a man without fixed principles regarding the situation in Libya these days. Even in this issue, he just calculates the benefits and acts with great tact, looking at the trend of the public opinion. At first, he was passive about intervening in this issue, by adopting the opinions from the military and the CIA, but the media began to raise an uproar against the government’s attitude, saying that, “Qadhafi is murdering the citizens!” Does our government leave his evildoing unopposed?” Miss Susan Rice, ambassador to the United Nations and Ms. Samantha Power, member of the U.S. National Security Council also began to clamor, and Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State sided with them. And then, Obama begins to calculate his political benefits as usual, “I have to do something, otherwise I will lose my reputation”. He, anyway, just thinks about his popularity, but does not care about the long-term success through the pursuance of the said policy. What is important for him is next week’s opinion poll.

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The U.S. 2012 Presidential Election Campaign Has Started
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